Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend part 2

Left off Saturday afternoon, still had a house guest and we started a couple games of poker. Taking too much of their money, I started to get ready to go out.

Didn't think it was going to be a big night as I was still feeling rough from the night before, but that changed quickly. Our buddy was working the bar and he gives good deals on drinks. A couple rounds later, and the night was picking up. Ran into a friends' sister I hadn't seen in a while, and we got along great catching up. Last call closing in, but none of us were ready to call it a night.

We decided to grab a 2-4 from some random place on Chinatown and met up to keep the night going. Lots of fun drunken conversations later, .... Hrm, I'm going to omit the next bit, but it was interesting....And I was done. Passed out and got a ride back home when I got up.

So Sunday was pretty much a write off, giving myself some much needed rest. Although things didn't unfold as expected, it was still a good night and I'm glad I decided to head out. But I find out later I was totally supposed to go somewhere else that night, and had it not turned out so well, I'd probably regret not going, but it ended up being worth it.

I'll have L this weekend, so it'll be much more low key. We have a swimming date with a friend and her son and I can't wait to get L in a pool.

Random non-weekend stuff (cause I don't want to make a wack load of posts):
- appulous is back, yay.
- rode on a new double decker bus
- didn't have change or tix for the bus this morning, but found active transfer when I got to the stop, yay free ride
- "ex" seems to think it's ok to send out complete lies and defame me to our friends, yet wants to "develop" a relationship for the benefit of our son. While I agree in principal, ain't gonna happen unless she clarifies that to all she sent it to. And, as she hates being proven wrong, I don't see it happening. But done are the days of allowing this attitude to continue.
- I get L back for the night tonight and can't wait to bring him out to the park and get all muddy.

And that's the weekend-to-now round up, minus the unmentionables ;)

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  1. somerset beer man no doubt. yo thanks for the shout list!

  2. got mine, LOL

    Yeah, somerset sounds right. Hadn't been in a long time.