Friday, March 20, 2009

What a nice greeting

"Fuck off" the 2 words said to me when "ex" dropped off L. Nice, huh? Why such the attitude? I can only guess it has to do with the frustration of getting an answer out of her yesterday trying to get a confirmation of a bill (in my name) paid. Just needed to know when and amount. What do I get? "For sure" ??? What does that mean, so I ask again to clarify, "I told you, for sure" ??? Obviously something lost in text land, so I tried calling. No answer. Weird, we were just texting, so phone's in hand. Try calling again, and she's shut off her phone. Nice one.

So then today, still needing an answer to let creditor know, I try her phone again. Not answering, again. Try a bit later, and get an answer, but it's her bf. Relay the message I need to speak with her and he lets me know he'll pass it along. Hours pass and I still don't hear back. I try her again and she actually answers! I explain that I need to know when and for how much this payment
will be made (over 90 days no payments already, I knew I had to stay on top of this, or would just get ignored like the last 2 months). She agrees to send me the details. Finally getting somewhere! Or so I thought.

Another hour goes by and still no msg :(. I call her again (getting pretty sick of hand holding at this point) and, again, explain that I need to get back to them and her msg is holding everything up. She agrees again, and end the call.

So what do I get? Her telling me $X amount is being sent to me today. Um, okay, except the amount isn't enough, and verbally was told it'd have to wait until next pay. Confused, I reply back letting her know the amount owed. I think she finally understands and says the full amount will come. Perfect, but why does it take ALL this shit just to arrive where we could've been last night when the simple question was first posed.

Bah! Getting back to the drop off, I was early getting home, so I texted her letting her know when I'd be home, and she could head over. Response? None. Doesn't tell me anything, and time just goes on. Getting close to normal drop off time, I head out to wait. Who's hear already? Her bf sitting in his car. Okay, so where is she? Try calling, but direct to voicemail. I see bf is on his phone, and figure he's chatting with her. See him end his call, so I try her again.

She answers "WHAT???!!" yelling at me. 'Just wondering where you are, when I'll get my son...' click. She just hangs up. WTF?!

How am I supposed to deal with this?

She arrives soon after and parks sideways across my and my neighbors' spots. 'Can you straighten this out?' I ask as she's still in the car. Completely ignored, she shuts the car off and jumps out with the above mentioned greeting. How fucking nice is that. No chance to ask how L's doing, no nothing aside from F.O. and starts walking to bf's car.

Normally at drop off, we drive the other back home. This gives us that chance to discuss L, but no chance here. I guess we can only do that when SHE wants something.

I chime back 'what the fuck? What's you're prob?' "Get the fuck away from me" she barks as I approach her to give mail that's come in. She gets this look like I'm going to hit her or something (never ever have, though I've been hit a fair amount of times), so I just stop. No point even trying to reason with her.

I get in the car, greeted with big smiles from L as he starts telling me some kind of story. I straighten out the parking and start to get him out. Only, where's his jacket? He's only got a jean jacket (puke) on, and while adequate for the current temp, I know there's still cold days ahead.

I phone her again, but she doesn't answer. Nice fucking communication. I call again, and bf answers. Don't know why it's so easy to get straight answers out of him when it's like pulling teeth to get anything from the person I wasted 7 years on, but he completely understood jacket would be required, and agreed to drop it off.

L and I spent the time playing around the yards, picking up stones, and just enjoying the outdoors.

Bf dropped off the jacket, and now I might actually get a few days of calm. Woohoo!!

Why is it always SO difficult??

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  1. Why don't you take her name off the bill? And why don't you just deal with the boyfriend, he seems to be a smart guy!

    I wish I could stop reading this so much but the detail in the stories is just astonishing. If only I could remember in such detail how my ex's have slighted me!

  2. her name isn't on the bill, hence why is so difficult to deal with. She's responsible to take it over, hasn't yet, so I need to ensure payments are made as it's my credit rating she's playing with.

    Dunno about smart, but does seem easier to deal with, haha. I have an aversion to trucker hats and aviators. LOL

    Why would you want to stop reading? I'm not writing a memoir of being slighted by an "ex", rather describing frustrating events that are taking place in the present. If L wasn't in the picture, I'd have nothing to vent about, and "ex" would be a distant memory.