Wednesday, March 4, 2009

iProRecorder impression

Last night I had the chance to put the iPR app to the test. I dj'd a valentine's day event, and I want to record the mix I played. I set up my phone in airplane mode to prevent calls or messages from interrupting the recording. Launched up iPR, hit record and started mixing.

Now, what I really wanted was to be able to connect the iPhone direct to the mixer's record-out, so it records the feed directly. But iPR records over the mic, so has me worried about sound quality. But, I'm not making mixes for sale or anything, so I can live with a cut on quality if it means I'm able to use something I already own to accomplish the task adequately. Because there are actual hardware devices that do what I'm trying (connects to the mixer and records HQ sound), but I want a phone solution.

While everything seemed to go well, there were a few things I noticed couldve been done better. I hadn't set it to high quality, and I hadn't properly played with the volume boost setting to maximize sound without peaking the limits. Will have to remember to change some defaults to prevent that.

Finished the mix, about an hour and 20 mins, and right away, I almost deleted the file. While I find most apps fairly straight forward in terms of GUI, occasionally you just don't know where to click to do what you want. Luckily enough, my recording was safe.

So now to get it off the phone. Apparantly, the way it works is the phone uploads the file to the company's website, and once done, they email you a link to download. Sounds smart enough, until I think about it more. This mix is in the area of 200MB. Uploading that through a cell connection is going to take a while, and sure enough, the app crashes after trying for a little while :(

But I know the mix is safe, so I'm going to SSH into the phone and poke around until I find the file. Then, I'll just pull it on to my computer and be done, as long as it comes in the WAV format it's supposed to be recorded in. I have a bad feeling that the app could use some kind of proprietary format that only converts to WAV after it's sent to their server. Fingers crossed that's not the case.

With any luck, I'll be able to do that tonight. But tonight is also my night with L, so might not get around to it. Sure I've got sometime after he goes to bed, but i've also got some spots in Skate 2 calling me. & still need to get another set together for Friday, as I'll be changing things up for that event. Don't need to be playing lovey-dovey valentines music, much prefer to play a harder set.

Weird little side note, A Channel, Ottawa's local station has cancelled the 6pm & 11pm news! I find that crazy, not that I watched it, just never thought they'd can the news program. Stupid Sandra Blaikie.

Next app to check out, this sleep helping app (send out deep sleep promoting sounds). Interesting.

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