Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Has to be said

I thought it was understood, but I continue to see/hear things that my "ex" thinks I hate her.

So in an attempt to stop any further spiral of false info, I DO NOT hate her. Whatsoever.

I had hatred for her selfish actions, but that's something she'll have to live with.

The only hate I'm feeling is for the ridiculous situations and arguments that grow exponentially when it would just take a level headed look at the situation.

Ie, that blog post about being greeted by a "fuck off", when all her anger was due to me asking for a simple answer. All that was needed was a 2 second reply, and instead, thanks to the stubborness, turned into a big battle of heated words. It prevented our regular chat about how our son is doing, what new stuff he does, and all that other stuff we miss out on as we only see him part time.

I'd be so much happier if she would just cease with her smear campaign, grow up, and try to actually raise our son together but apart. I have nothing bad to say about her, only bad things to say about actions.

Curious what she writes? Check out the very loosely baby-based blog of "ex"

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  1. lol, I just read her blog and saw that post of hers. It's too funny, that's exactly the same thing you told me, that you hate having to defend friends comments about her all the time.

    Sometimes I think she's living in her own reality completely oblivious to the world around.

    Good luck in your dealings with her

  2. Yeah, seems to me like she doesn't get that "speaking ill" of the other includes in private. It's not helpful in anyway for L to have his mom shit-talking dad in any context.

    It's a shame really, but funny how she publically denounces those same actions.