Monday, March 9, 2009

Bloggin in point form

Don't feel like typing it all out, so going point form.


- SSH'd into my phone, found the recordings and was able to save them both.
- live set completely redlined and hardly audible. Cool crowd noises on it, but sounds like mush (not the dj, lol).
- found out they recorded the sets proper (!), but listened to mine and it sucked (¡). Monitor situation was bad, but didn't think I was that 'off'.
- replay mix of valentines day set decent. Going to convert to mp3 and upload.
- will provide links and tracklists for both sets here. tomorrow...?

L & "ex"

- L feeling much better it seems. Fever gone, still a little cranky though.
- will upload lil video of him on the decks, not sure if you can tell, but shows him dancing. He's been doing that more and more.
- "ex" constant harrassing this weekend. Wants updates, no problem, provide. But then starts telling me what I have to do, not listening and completely unreasonable. Doesn't get the fact that I am his primary caregiver when he's with me. Sorry, but don't tell me how to be a dad when you're breaking down in tears
- has magic powers that affect the internet. Can somehow block urls, interesting and unexplained (obvious lie)
- found a new baby einstein movie, watched while drawing. Quite the little multitasker already.
- still showing signs of being a lefty :( hehe


- good weekend with L, happy doing better.
- took him out for some fun activities yesterday and wore us both out.
- feeling really ill today. Totally f*%king pwnd that toilet. Urg.

And, where'd the nice weather go? From tshirt to freezing in 12 hours. Boooooo!! :(

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  1. Ahhh, the lack of updates is killing me! How am I supposed to pretend to work...