Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ah, marriage

I was reading "ex"'s blog, and she posts these stupid Q&A's on fridays to try and get comments and traffic. This one was questions for a pre-teen girl pretty much, with 1 question being 'do you think you'll get married' and her answer basically said it's in the works, and stay tuned for details. HAHAHAHA. Oh man.

Not sure if she realizes, but we're still married. We've been seperated since aug (more like april though). August was 7 months ago, and in that time between, there've been a few guys, with the current one going since xmas time. That's 4 months.

She still wears a ring I got her, our anniversary one I think (that or the wedding band). As much as she may like it, or place different meaning on it, it's still a ring given to celebrate our marriage.

I laugh because I think it's just another act in the long line of her going down a road she's not even sure she wants to be on. Constantly trying to be happy, but using other people to do it. I really do hope for the best, but just hope she gets things sorted out before going down the same path.

She continues to spread lies around though, and that really sucks. On facebook, all our common friends were removed as she told them there were legal proceedings going on, she couldn't talk about it, and was going to remove them from her friends. News to me! Why always with the legal threats? I'm just trying to get away from all this bs.

I think this stems from the warped thought that I tried to ruin her plans to go out for her friends bday by using info I somehow got off the site and then changing my day of the week with L. Oh man, I guess doesn't remember that her profile was invisible to me, that friend isn't on my list and her bday not shown, not sure how I would possibly know it was her bday. Speaking ill is speaking ill. Whether she's doing it privately or publically, I don't think it matters.

We were even kind of (little bit) getting along for 5 minutes too, and now all soured up again. Getting real tired with this routine :/

Bah, now that that's out of my system, off to enjoy the weekend!

Oh yeah, adorable pic of L:

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  1. Wowsers! Sounds like you're dealing with quite the bitch!

    That is a quick turn around to be planning another wedding so soon. Rebound?