Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the stupid things

Somethings I just don't understand. When L was born, I bought ex an expensive diaper bag ($200+) that she wanted. A few months ago, L had a new bag to use. Now I admit the one I bought was girly, but it was also a great bag for it's purpose. His new bag, admittedly more guy-friendly, is horrible to use in practice. It's not as big, doesn't have as many pockets etc, and I find things are stuffed in there with no extra room. Especially during these winter months where it has to house his snow gear. I just don't understand the change.

Just one of those questions I have as I stuff the bag full with his daily pack. It's weird!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Will be short

I think the only way I'll update this will be a la twitter style for now; just small concise points. I just never get around to putting time into writting here, had always used it to kill commute time.

Today I got my son back. As he's no longer going to daycare on her weeks, we have to meet up again for the exchange. I got a message a few hours before saying she couldn't make it as it conflicts with feeding time for her new baby and that her guy would come instead. Ok no problem, meet him, open the back door and L greets me with "Shaun!" all happy. ??. Then I say it's daddy and he's just as happy to call me that. But still, why would he even know to call me that?! Was odd to me, but otherwise glad to have him back. After getting home we went over to the park nearby to take advantage of the great winter weather.

That's it

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