Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monthly update

Yeah Yeah, I don’t update this much.

What's been happening lately? Sickness :(

L has had an ongoing cough, stuffed up nose for what feels like months now. Ex took him into his doctor's and he now has an inhaler (steroid type I think to help his lungs). We're unsure the cause and can only think it's due to allergies. L is really really cute with it though. He needs a puff in the middle of the night and I almost died at how cute he was the first time I woke him. "L, wake up, it's time for medicine" and he perks right up sticking his face out for the inhaler mask and happily breathes in the medicine and lies right back down to sleep.

L has been making me laugh left and right. His ever expanding vocabulary makes for some awesome sayings. Currently, "ssoowwwy daddy" is one of my favorite L-ism He's also picked up others like "Oh Man" and it's so funny to hear these come from my lil man.

Halloween came and went, and I had L again this year. I found him a train engineer's outfit and a Thomas the Train candy bucket. It was the perfect costume as I took him out with a friend and her son who was dressed like Thomas...they were so cute together. L filled his bucket with candy (and my pockets with all the overflow) and after getting home, we dumped all the loot out for L to check out. He'd pick up a candy and bring it to me asking "Try?", so I would unwrap it and let him try it out. He got one of those candy bracelets, so I put it on his wrist and showed him that you bite pieces off. He bit into a piece and spit it out, hahaha. He started to lose interest in his candy loot and seemed only interested in the lolly pops. So I've got quite the bounty of candy with nobody wanting to eat it. Im glad he doesn't have a sweet tooth yet.

It's only been a few days since he went back to his mom's, but I'm already counting the days til I get him back. I miss his laugh, our games and teaching him everything I can. I recently found a flash card game for my iPhone that has alphabet cards and pictures of animals that start with each letter. It talks "A… Alligator; B…. Bee," etc. L loves it and asks for my phone to play with it all the time. It's hilarious when he tries some of the animal names like "hippopotamus" or "kangaroo", and it's amazing to see him pick them up so quickly. Each time you open the app there's slightly different animals, so always something for him to learn. You can also double-tap the cards, and it changes the screen to let you draw the letters with your finger. L hasn't gotten the hang of this part yet and just scribbles ("draws") over the space, but Im sure he'll get the hang of it. I've been trying to find more and more apps like this one as he really enjoys them and great learning tools.

I've been starting to think of Christmas, and excited as I get him for 2 full weeks (it's "my" week the week before Xmas, and it's "my" year to get him for the Xmas week….But, then I wont see him for 2 weeks as the same scenario plays out for ex). But still, I can't wait as he's definitely starting to understand the concept of holidays and activities. Im sure he'll be excited for all the presents he'll get and the arrival of Santa. Im a bit worried about him getting spoiled with presents, only because he's already got so many toys/clothes/books etc that it takes over my apartment. I wanted to see the feasibility of paying to get him enrolled in a proper daycare/school setting, but ex passing on her debts to me is just making this impossible. Although I have a great job and lower and lower expenses, Im still saddled with thousands of $$ of extra debt. I cannot wait for the time where I get this cleared out and able to re-build, but for now, just going to live as cheaply as possible.

Onto the shitty shitty stuff, and completely screwing that last plan to conserve funds, I had an incident with my car. The short of it, my car didn't stop, hit a curb with the front driverside tire and basically took a chunk out of my rim :*(. So now I've either got to replace an entire rim and tire ($800+) or look into winter tires now and get 4 steel rims and 4 winters for about the same cost. In addition to the other lil things that broke (about $1k of parts n labour). FML. Seriously such horrible timing. Looks like I'll be in lockdown mode for some time. And I'm looking into selling off stuff to fund these repairs. I feel sometimes that I have 0 luck when it comes to cars. Maybe my next one will just be a beater, clearly I'm undeserving of a nice car.

That's about it, rest of my time's been taken up with poker (cashed a couple decent amounts in tourney, last being a $5 KO with 900+ people and I chopped the 1st 2nd & 3rd place money with the 2 other guys that lasted for a bit more than $600 each), playing the new Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 (freaking amazing game), and hanging out with buddies. Oh and work, but that's a given. As these are little to no cost activites, I don't see this changing for a while. No snowboarding for me this year :(


Also, Im always looking for new shows/ movie suggestions as having no cable, it's hard to find good shows to watch. Here's what Im grabbing weekly:

The Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men (pretty dull though)
How I Met Your Mother
Curb your Enthusiasm
Family Guy
American Dad
Bored to Death
The League (new show with Jon Lajoie!)
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Flash Forward
30 Rock
The Office
South Park
Parks & Recreation
Mad Men

Any suggestions for interesting TV?

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