Thursday, April 30, 2009

No news

Another day passes and I haven't "been served". I haven't heard anything more, and continue to wait.

But trying to ignore it and enjoy my days. Work is going well, and although I have a busy schedule coming up this summer, it seems like I might end up switching positions for a while. One of the higher up is off on leave and basically creating a vacant spot that needs to be filled. So I've put in my interest, and by the looks of things, am the only one doing so.

It'll be interesting if it pans out, and though not a long term thing, definitely makes it easier for future openings.

I get my lil man back tomorrow and can't wait to see him. Lots to do this weekend with him, and I think it's the start of the long haul of multi weekends with his mom. Stupid holidays, but can't complain as I really enjoyed the extra time in April, I'm sure his mom will feel the same.

Also my house should be going on the market this weekend, and looking forward to another leap towards my goals. Big weekend!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Restraining order??

Apparently I'm about to get one. Why? Not sure. Just another one of those wacky threats I get.

What will it restrain? No idea.

What's the point? Absolutely no idea.

What's the problem? <---- I REALLY don't know!!

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The Internet is not private, waaaah

People can read what I write, waaaah

Me thinks somebody just has no clue.

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Excessive blog checking

So, I'll finally be posting stats for a visitor. Yesterday & today someone from the domain is just going through every single page here. Today, visit started about 11:15, with continual page views right up to 12. Yesterday was pretty much the same as this person goes through every single post made.

Stay tuned, I'll add some screenshots (LOL!!).

My guess is a certain someone, don't think many coworkers even care.


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Monday, April 27, 2009


So I see "ex" after work today so she can drop off L with me. I'm driving her back to her place and ask if she had any news to share.

She says not really, and begins to give status quo updates about the car, her house... when I stop her and ask, "what about new additions to your family?". She says there's nothing new, asking what I mean. So I ask flat out "so are you pregnant?". And what's her answer? "it's none of your business, that has nothing to do with you" and then the best comment "I don't know what I'm doing yet".

Ok, it may not be MY business, but it certainly affects L and if it affects him, I'm involved. I can't believe she would announce such a thing on the internet to anyone reading, but doesn't have the guts or backbone to let the father of her son know. And what of that comment? Is she seriously thinking what to do???!!! Like pondering #3+????

What a trainwreck. Don't know about you, but I'd think you'd want to know someone longer than 6 months before having a kid with them.

Wow. Just wow.

And what's up with L. After taking him out to the park for about an hour, he's demanding "elmo" which I think is TV judging by the finger points. But wth?? Why does he expect tv?? I know his mom and I are on the same page, and daycare lady knows, so where is this tv-addiction coming from??


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

the munchkin

Part 1 - Some Pics

I take hundreds of photos of my little boy, and just dump them in an ever growing folder. I figured I'd put some to use and share them. Video's to come next.

Also, I didn't want to just upload them into Blogger, but cant seem to figure out how to embed a web page within this. So, hosted externally:

Clicky for Pickies

and oh yeah, did I mention "ex" is preggo again? yup, apparently!! Good 6ish month new relationship milestone! hahaha, lol

Friday, April 24, 2009

Entertainment for Friday

A couple friends showed me this awesome website:

This guy has compiled various YouTube videos of people singing, playing instruments, etc. Then, he splices up the videos, video edits them together and creates original songs.

He links the original videos below, so you can see the raw material he starts with. There's some really awesome tunes made out of everyday ppl.

So yeah, check out that website, or look on YouTube for Kutiman.

Here's a DnB kind of one he did:

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lack o' updates

Yeah, I've been slacking updating here. I have a bunch of pics and vids I've been meaning to post, so that's coming soon.

Here's a peek, L and his cousin at her 2nd birthday party:

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forgot a title and stupid autocorrect

I decided I couldn't give up a day with L, so he came to my place yesterday. I took him out to a park and we spent about an hour playing on the structures. He really loves going down the slide, but was seemingly scared to go down by himself. Also weird to find he seems to hate swings now. This wasn't the first time I've tried to seat him and he starts to fuss.

After all that he was understandably tired out. We came back to my place for dinner and ran into a few neighbors on the way. L's getting away from his extreme shyness and happily greeted them.

Dinner, bath, bed went pretty routine and he slept through the night without issue.

Looking forward to the weekend, I get L back tomorrow and his cousin's bday party is Sat. Can't wait to see how he does with a houseful of kids :)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a weekend

This past weekend was great. I had L with me and we went swimming again on Friday (one of the few things open on the holiday). He's doing really well at it and wasn't trying to drink as much of the gross public pool water as his first trip. I'm really happy how accepting he is of being taken into the water. It was also much easier logistically using the family change room.

Saturday we spent the morning in the park, had lunch and headed out to find Easter treats for him. I thought the candy specialty store would have at least some gluten free chocolate things, but no. Didn't even seem like the lone cashier knew what I was asking. "we have sugar free candy in the..." no, sorry, not what I need. Next place to check was a natural food store that I know has a gluten free section, it was just a matter of what Easter treats they'd have.

And it wasn't good. No special Easter treats at all :(. I settled on some choc chip cookies I know he likes and also picked up a bag of choc chips. Not what I hoped to find, but still good enough.

From there we headed to my parents who were going to watch him that night. This worked out well since we'd be driving even further west on Sunday for Easter dinner. I went out that night, had a good time though I didn't run into some people I thought I'd see.

Got up the next day and met up with L in the morning. We headed to my uncle & aunt's place for the Easter feast. We were the first to arrive, but that gave L a chance to get comfortable before the crowd showed up. We had a great time seeing the family and it was nice that L didn't have any breakdowns or problems at all.

Oh yeah, on my morning shopping tour, I picked up a backpack baby tether thing I greatly needed. See, a few weekends ago I took L grocery shopping like usual. But this time, it was next to impossible to keep him in the cart. I assume his mom brings her bf out when they shop, so have probably let L walk with one of them while the other minds the cart. Not good when you're alone though. The almost impossible job of pushing the cart, holding L's hand and keeping him from grabbing/poking/tasting everything in sight was a 1 time experience I knew I couldn't repeat.

So I found this cute backpack shaped like a puppy that has a tether and wrist strap for me. It worked perfectly, and also makes him look extra cute. Monday I used it to take L on a walk and it allowed for him to be "free" while I kept him safe. I'm very pleased with it, and easily worth the $15 cost. It was a long walk and tired him out nicely.

But all good things come to an end, and L went back to his mom this morning. He had an allergist appointment in the morning, and I'm pretty confused by the initial results. Apparantly he's allergic to dogs/cats even though he's been around them consistently and I've never noticed any issues. The flipside of this was he's NOT allergic to soy, yet it's always made him sick (in fact his worst digestive experience was when we used soy based formula)...? So yeah, I'm confused and will be investigating further.

Now just left to ponder what to do tomorrow. Normally I get 1 day out of Mon-Wed of "ex"s week. With the holiday schedule taking precedence, that means I still get a night with L. But "ex" has asked me to give up this night. She says he's not doing well and attributing that to missing his mom and feels it's be better for him to spend the week with her. I'm not too comfortable with the idea, the reasoning, nor the precedent it could set. I miss him when he's not around too, and love my time with him. So yeah, I'm reluctant about this and need to give it some further consideration.


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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who's putting who first?

I'm in the midst of my long time with my son. I had him as of last week, I keep him for Easter and have him again the weekend after. So his mom is only supposed to get him back Tuesday morning, then I take Wednesday, her thursday, and back to me Friday.

Obviously she's not getting much time with him, just the way the schedule works. It'll be similar for Victoria day weekend, but in reverse where I don't see him as much.

To add to the schedule, L has his allergist's appointment the Tuesday after this long weekend. "ex" asked me to trade L back Monday instead so he could sleep in and be better prepared for the appointment. Um, Monday is Easter Monday. I don't want to give up a holiday with my son, and so, I offered to take him to the appointment myself.

In normal morning tradeoffs, it's basically L gets dropped off and the other patent then takes him in to daycare. You get to see him for maybe 20 mins. So I was asking "ex" to give up this time, I'd let L sleep in and take him to the Dr. This would make it so "ex" wouldn't need time off work, and would get him back after daycare that day.

What's her response? That I'M being selfish for putting my own desire to spend Easter with my son ahead of his "need" to sleep in.

WHAT??? Didn't I just offer to make it better on everyone involved? She gives up 20 mins max with him, and the result would be him sleeping in, her not taking time off, etc. A pretty win-win deal, but does she see it that way, nope!

So I finally understand, it's only selfish when I do something to preserve my time with my son. No matter it's better for everyone, especially L, it's still selfish.

Sorry, but I put to you that she's being extremely selfish for not wanting to explore any option other than her choice.

So sick of her and this bs.

Oh yeah, she also posted on her blog that she has a stalker. And added a counter that supposedly counts the time since she last read my blog. Funny since it lead me to find her IP address and comparing it to my stat database, it's the same as the one used to post negative comments on here. So basically proves those comments were made by her or her bf.

Who's stalking who? And she's doing this to gain information for her lawyer and seems interested in a restraining order???? Hahaha. I don't want to see/talk/anything of her as much as I can. Get over yourself! Grow up and be an adult. Do this for our son.

But the biggest question I have, what do you expect to gain from any of this?? You think it'll affect custody? No chance. Maybe smarten the fuck up and see I'm fighting for what's best for my son. And then maybe you'll back the fuck off and we can continue to raise our son together and apart.

Sorry for the rant, I just can't believe the bullshit I see. And that's nothing about her "private" blog where she continues to shit talk me and make me out as a bad dad to her Internet friends. Like the one who posts about getting pissed on in the face by her man and liking it. Good company you're keeping there.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fuck you snow

It's such utter bullshit to read "ex"s blog and come across a comment saying I only want to spend time with my son "for the most part". Uh, what part don't I want to spend time with him?

All the while trying to get me to give up time with him to make it easier for her. Such fucking bs! I'm getting so sick of her lying and defamatory remarks taking jabs at my fathering. She goes off on how bad a dad I am on her private blog thinking somehow her comments don't make their way back to me.

Meanwhile I'M the one raising L on my own. She shacked up as quick as she could with new guys until the current one kept her around. Not even considering L should things go sour, she's living with the guy already. Using him to help with bills and such, I guess that's why there's money for lawyers. Funny how she dove right into a dependent relationship when she left to figure things out for herself.

I'm the one doing this on my own. I don't get help with bills; I don't have help when I take him out, etc. It's frustrating to then read she thinks I'm only thinking of myself. Sorry, but you're the one with the self centered approach using others to make it easier for yourself. You think it was in L's best interest to have a guy you've known all of a half dozen months live with you two? Ha! I'd like to see the rationale there. It's more likely it was convenient to have someone share the costs without taking into account the possible repercussions on L, especially if things don't work out.

So stupid/frustrating/annoying!

Current most popular "ex" saying: lawyer copied.

And it's snowing. Fuck you snow!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Mini Phelps?

My weekend with L was great. Got him back Friday afternoon, and I think as an apology for that hat fiasco, his mom offered a bunch of accessories to stay with him. She had his fall jacket and a new pair of rubber boots. Perfect, since we were expecting a gloomy weekend.

I got a little break Friday night that gave me the chance to go out. I went to my poker friends' place for an impromptu cash game. Full table right away, it didn't take long for some big pots. I was playing well, hitting cards when I needed to, except on the big pots. Things like I flopped a set, but guy on his straight draw would stay in the hand and hit his card :(. The couple big pots I dragged were mostly bluffs, so I was pretty lucky there. Left up some money and headed out to see a friend dj.

I was also hoping to run into someone for a chat, but didn't get the chance. The night was alright, weird point when I ran into this girl I kind of know, felt like I had to say "hi", but had nothing to talk about so just awkward silence. The night was pretty tame.

Saturday was more gloomy rain, so L and I stayed in for indoor activities. He's getting to he a wicked little helper. I was using the handvac to clean up some stuff as L was hiding (he's scared of vacuums). Then I was moving stuff around and knocked a plant over. Dirt on the carpet and on my leg, I didn't want to track it all over the place. I asked L, "can you bring the vacuum to daddy? The loud machine, can you get that?". L totally understood, faced his fear and brought me the handvac. It was amazing to see how much he understands.

Sunday looked like it was going to be just as dreary. His swim date got cancelled, but I still wanted to take him. So early afternoon I made a trip over to the store and got him a little life jacket, swim diapers and some shorts. We went to the pool nearby and I was suprised to find out it was only $2. I knew it was free for L, but thought it'd be more like $5 for me. Bonus. I got him all ready to go and we headed for the pool. His reaction? Loved it. He had no problems coming right in with me and seemed like he was having a great time. Although he kept trying to drink the water when I'd let him float on his own.

There were a few other parent/kid combos and I was glad L was doing much better than some. There was another boy in tears a lot and I could tell it was tough on the dad. We just floated around staying clear of the other swimmers and found some of those weighted rings to play with. L would throw them in, I'd catch them in my feet and pass it back. He was laughing everytime (I think because I was using my feet). I splashed some water at him, and that became his new favorite thing to do. He pounded on the water getting us both drenched while laughing. It was cute.

Changing afterwards was the tricky part. After I had him all ready it was hard to keep him near while I changed. But, slowly got all ready and we headed home. We'll definately be doing that more often, and I think it'll be a lot of fun when his swim date works out.

The sun had come out so we played outside until dinner. Swimming must have taken a lot out of him as after dinner he didn't last too long. He was asking for his bottle, and I asked if he wanted to go upstairs for bath & bed. He started going up and I got the bottle ready.

Things are getting so easy now that he understands questions. Even if he's crying, I just have to ask him questions and can usually figure out exactly what's upsetting him.

Blah babbling away and haven't gotten to me trying to find one of those baby-tether-leash-handcuff things that attach toddlers to their parents or the reason why I need to find one. I'll post about that later.....but anyone know?? Toysrus?

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Well that's shitty

Losing friends sucks. Post-breakup with "ex", I never asked any friend to choose "sides". "ex" did, sent out bs messages to our friends basically telling them to choose and made up bs as to why.

But I didn't go that route. I talked to some that had removed me, and they weren't happy about it either. Basically said that they were freaked out by her message and didn't want to get involved. No problem, I wouldn't ask anyone to get in the middle. But I still feel her message was unwaranted and she needs to apologize for it and send out to those lied to.

Alls to say, I don't mind trying to comply with her wishes. If anything, it does make things a bit easier. But it wasn't like I was going to rid myself of friends because they're still friends with her. That's exactly what I hated about her message asking people to pick. What I can't/won't tolerate is friends who would prefer to ignore anything of what's happened and continue on as if nothing did.

When a friend tells me they don't care, hey, no problem. But, why are we friends? You don't care about a huge life changing event? I can understand not wanting to be put in the middle of anything, but not open to listening if I have something to say or vent about? Or criticize me for coping with it? Sorry, but why are we friends?

Not wanting to get into it further, I'd rather just let it (them) go. You don't want to hear it when I need someone to listen, not much of a friend at all. You want to stay impartial, fine, no prob, but there's a huge difference in those 2.

So BAH! Sorry, but I'd rather focus attention elsewhere.


Last night I watched the new Xmen Origins: Wolverine movie. Hehe, this movie's coming out in theatres in May and I'm watching it, near DVD quality, on my couch. But even better (worse) was this version isn't even complete. The whole movie's there, but there's some of the big CGI isn't. Like this part where a guy goes flying over a train, you just see a crudely animated stickman like figure flying through the air. It was a decent flick, but there seemed to be holes in the story (well discrepancies from how I remember it).

Also started watching a new show called Castle. It's kind of similar to Dexter in that it's a police show, but instead of following a serial killer forensic guy, this show revolves around a crime author (played by the guy who was the captain in the movie Serenity). He's got many best-selling crime novels, and the first episode has someone killing people in ways similar to some of his books. So, the police engage his expertise to help solve the case. He then uses his contacts to get permission to shadow the homicide's cute detective on further cases to provide inspiration for future novels. Overall, not a bad show, and it's been added to my download list.

Looking forward to tonight. I get L back for the start of a pretty long time with him. See, next weekend I get him too. As it's Easter, and my year with L for that holiday, I'm about to get almost 2 weeks with him! Yay! I can't wait, and I know my family can't wait to see him again. Swim date all lined up for this weekend too. Now just to get through the rest of the day.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I got nuthin

Yeah, been a pretty quiet start to my week, not too much a gwan. Home is empty with roommate moved out and no L this week, so I've just been tackling different areas trying to get it perfect so I can take pics.

I'm hoping to get it on the market asap as covering the entire mortgage, condo fees, etc is just a little pricey for me. Also a couple lower units are up for sale, so I want mine up to compete for the buyers that would prefer an upper unit.

I've been chatting more and more with my downstairs neighbour (one of the lower units up for sale) and actually going to miss our little talks. I'd prefer not to leave my little community, but looking forward to getting my *own* place. I just hope I can get something great for L and I.

I'll bore you with more nothings another time, for now, here's the cutie himself:

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lawyers lawyers lawyers

Yesterday, "ex" and I were emailing about upcoming trade offs and holiday schedule (Easter & Victoria day coming up). She outlined a pretty detailed itinerary of the trade offs, only she's trying to get me to agree to give up a night here and there. For instance, Easter Monday is my night with him, going back to her care on Tuesday. But he has a doctor appointment that morning, so she wants him Monday night so he can better "adjust" to her before the visit. ??? I've never heard of this adjustment period before; we're usually trading back in the mornings and bring L right to daycare.

I expressed concern about her proposed schedule, and she writes back, quoting our seperation agreement about being flexible for L's best interest. No problem, but how is this in his best interest. Sounds to me like it's in her best interest in that it's just her preference. I really don't see how it impacts him going to the doctor, and I'll take him there if it's such an issue. Sorry, not giving up Easter so she can have an "easier" time.

That brings us to tradeoff last night, she arrives and I give her a lift back to her place. As I'm pretty much done trying to talk to her anymore, was a pretty one-sided talk for the 2sec drive. Dropped her off and headed back home to bring L to the park. Only, where's his hat? It's still pretty cold out, and so I send "ex" a text saying she forgot to give the hat and I was upset as this wasn't the first time (last time she tried to leave him with no winter jacket at all for my week, but at least her bf understood the importance, and happily came back to drop it off).

What's her response? I should have my own hat and I didn't give her something last time (no idea what she was talking about) and I should make sure I give her whatever it was. ?????? Seriously WTF!? Okay, what about toque? I'm just getting pissed off as she brushes it off as nothing, and not wanting a fight, told her I was just going to get L a set of everything and the good-for-us-on-a-budget sharing will stop. Seriously, SHE forgot to give the hat, knows it's needed, but offer to bring it by??? Nope!

So I told her it'll be a good idea for her to go out and get L a warm jacket of her own. I'm done with trying to make things work when I'm the only one putting in any effort.

This morning, I dressed him up and used his fall vest instead of his winter jacket. Drove over to her place and we traded back. I'm sure it was an accident, but as I held out the car keys for her, she tried to snatch them too quickly and my finger was caught in the chain. Any apology? Nope! Just started yelling how her lawyer's not going to like hearing I didn't use his winter jacket??!!

WTH? This is just getting ridiculous. Everyday it's another retarded scenario, (empty) threats of lawyers and pointless bickering.

It's almost as if L's best interest only matters when it aligns with hers. Or anytime I don't agree with her, I must be putting myself ahead of him. ??? Whatever. So glad.... bah

Other than that, last night was great. We played with some kids records on the turntables (weird old ABC song with different lyrics, the number song, etc). L had fun scratching the record and playing with all the buttons. Dinner, playtime and bath all went great, and he slept like a champ.

Looking forward to Friday :)

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