Thursday, April 30, 2009

No news

Another day passes and I haven't "been served". I haven't heard anything more, and continue to wait.

But trying to ignore it and enjoy my days. Work is going well, and although I have a busy schedule coming up this summer, it seems like I might end up switching positions for a while. One of the higher up is off on leave and basically creating a vacant spot that needs to be filled. So I've put in my interest, and by the looks of things, am the only one doing so.

It'll be interesting if it pans out, and though not a long term thing, definitely makes it easier for future openings.

I get my lil man back tomorrow and can't wait to see him. Lots to do this weekend with him, and I think it's the start of the long haul of multi weekends with his mom. Stupid holidays, but can't complain as I really enjoyed the extra time in April, I'm sure his mom will feel the same.

Also my house should be going on the market this weekend, and looking forward to another leap towards my goals. Big weekend!

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