Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a weekend

This past weekend was great. I had L with me and we went swimming again on Friday (one of the few things open on the holiday). He's doing really well at it and wasn't trying to drink as much of the gross public pool water as his first trip. I'm really happy how accepting he is of being taken into the water. It was also much easier logistically using the family change room.

Saturday we spent the morning in the park, had lunch and headed out to find Easter treats for him. I thought the candy specialty store would have at least some gluten free chocolate things, but no. Didn't even seem like the lone cashier knew what I was asking. "we have sugar free candy in the..." no, sorry, not what I need. Next place to check was a natural food store that I know has a gluten free section, it was just a matter of what Easter treats they'd have.

And it wasn't good. No special Easter treats at all :(. I settled on some choc chip cookies I know he likes and also picked up a bag of choc chips. Not what I hoped to find, but still good enough.

From there we headed to my parents who were going to watch him that night. This worked out well since we'd be driving even further west on Sunday for Easter dinner. I went out that night, had a good time though I didn't run into some people I thought I'd see.

Got up the next day and met up with L in the morning. We headed to my uncle & aunt's place for the Easter feast. We were the first to arrive, but that gave L a chance to get comfortable before the crowd showed up. We had a great time seeing the family and it was nice that L didn't have any breakdowns or problems at all.

Oh yeah, on my morning shopping tour, I picked up a backpack baby tether thing I greatly needed. See, a few weekends ago I took L grocery shopping like usual. But this time, it was next to impossible to keep him in the cart. I assume his mom brings her bf out when they shop, so have probably let L walk with one of them while the other minds the cart. Not good when you're alone though. The almost impossible job of pushing the cart, holding L's hand and keeping him from grabbing/poking/tasting everything in sight was a 1 time experience I knew I couldn't repeat.

So I found this cute backpack shaped like a puppy that has a tether and wrist strap for me. It worked perfectly, and also makes him look extra cute. Monday I used it to take L on a walk and it allowed for him to be "free" while I kept him safe. I'm very pleased with it, and easily worth the $15 cost. It was a long walk and tired him out nicely.

But all good things come to an end, and L went back to his mom this morning. He had an allergist appointment in the morning, and I'm pretty confused by the initial results. Apparantly he's allergic to dogs/cats even though he's been around them consistently and I've never noticed any issues. The flipside of this was he's NOT allergic to soy, yet it's always made him sick (in fact his worst digestive experience was when we used soy based formula)...? So yeah, I'm confused and will be investigating further.

Now just left to ponder what to do tomorrow. Normally I get 1 day out of Mon-Wed of "ex"s week. With the holiday schedule taking precedence, that means I still get a night with L. But "ex" has asked me to give up this night. She says he's not doing well and attributing that to missing his mom and feels it's be better for him to spend the week with her. I'm not too comfortable with the idea, the reasoning, nor the precedent it could set. I miss him when he's not around too, and love my time with him. So yeah, I'm reluctant about this and need to give it some further consideration.


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  1. This sad to say, but you give an inch, someone will take a mile. What are you going to say when she asks the next time? No?! But,you said yes before. Its mean, but keep the kid on a schedule.

  2. i would have to disagree with the previous. you need to show that you are a big person and allow the boy to be with his mom - especially when he is sick. im sure the favour will be returned....just a thought

  3. Fuck that, you think you'd see the same respect? He's your son as much as her's. Don't budge.

  4. More like > SHE'S < not doing well [ie misses him]. She's using the baby as leverage to try to exert power. That's not cool.

  5. well, he's not sick. by 'not doing well', what she was saying is that he's clingy, whiny if she's not around, etc. but he's happy and fine with me. and i miss him too.

    and that's what it is, she misses him, nothing else. so i dont really agree that it's 'valid' as we're in the same boat there and i'm sure for him as well.

  6. Stick to your guns. You shouldnt have to give up your valuable time just because she thinks something. You would not get the same treatment. If she wants to be a stickler for the rules, play by the rules.

  7. :-s Perhaps strike a bargain that when the holiday time comes around when it is your turn to see less of Liam consecutively, that she agree to forgo the same privilege? Fair-fair?