Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who's putting who first?

I'm in the midst of my long time with my son. I had him as of last week, I keep him for Easter and have him again the weekend after. So his mom is only supposed to get him back Tuesday morning, then I take Wednesday, her thursday, and back to me Friday.

Obviously she's not getting much time with him, just the way the schedule works. It'll be similar for Victoria day weekend, but in reverse where I don't see him as much.

To add to the schedule, L has his allergist's appointment the Tuesday after this long weekend. "ex" asked me to trade L back Monday instead so he could sleep in and be better prepared for the appointment. Um, Monday is Easter Monday. I don't want to give up a holiday with my son, and so, I offered to take him to the appointment myself.

In normal morning tradeoffs, it's basically L gets dropped off and the other patent then takes him in to daycare. You get to see him for maybe 20 mins. So I was asking "ex" to give up this time, I'd let L sleep in and take him to the Dr. This would make it so "ex" wouldn't need time off work, and would get him back after daycare that day.

What's her response? That I'M being selfish for putting my own desire to spend Easter with my son ahead of his "need" to sleep in.

WHAT??? Didn't I just offer to make it better on everyone involved? She gives up 20 mins max with him, and the result would be him sleeping in, her not taking time off, etc. A pretty win-win deal, but does she see it that way, nope!

So I finally understand, it's only selfish when I do something to preserve my time with my son. No matter it's better for everyone, especially L, it's still selfish.

Sorry, but I put to you that she's being extremely selfish for not wanting to explore any option other than her choice.

So sick of her and this bs.

Oh yeah, she also posted on her blog that she has a stalker. And added a counter that supposedly counts the time since she last read my blog. Funny since it lead me to find her IP address and comparing it to my stat database, it's the same as the one used to post negative comments on here. So basically proves those comments were made by her or her bf.

Who's stalking who? And she's doing this to gain information for her lawyer and seems interested in a restraining order???? Hahaha. I don't want to see/talk/anything of her as much as I can. Get over yourself! Grow up and be an adult. Do this for our son.

But the biggest question I have, what do you expect to gain from any of this?? You think it'll affect custody? No chance. Maybe smarten the fuck up and see I'm fighting for what's best for my son. And then maybe you'll back the fuck off and we can continue to raise our son together and apart.

Sorry for the rant, I just can't believe the bullshit I see. And that's nothing about her "private" blog where she continues to shit talk me and make me out as a bad dad to her Internet friends. Like the one who posts about getting pissed on in the face by her man and liking it. Good company you're keeping there.

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