Thursday, April 2, 2009

I got nuthin

Yeah, been a pretty quiet start to my week, not too much a gwan. Home is empty with roommate moved out and no L this week, so I've just been tackling different areas trying to get it perfect so I can take pics.

I'm hoping to get it on the market asap as covering the entire mortgage, condo fees, etc is just a little pricey for me. Also a couple lower units are up for sale, so I want mine up to compete for the buyers that would prefer an upper unit.

I've been chatting more and more with my downstairs neighbour (one of the lower units up for sale) and actually going to miss our little talks. I'd prefer not to leave my little community, but looking forward to getting my *own* place. I just hope I can get something great for L and I.

I'll bore you with more nothings another time, for now, here's the cutie himself:

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