Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lawyers lawyers lawyers

Yesterday, "ex" and I were emailing about upcoming trade offs and holiday schedule (Easter & Victoria day coming up). She outlined a pretty detailed itinerary of the trade offs, only she's trying to get me to agree to give up a night here and there. For instance, Easter Monday is my night with him, going back to her care on Tuesday. But he has a doctor appointment that morning, so she wants him Monday night so he can better "adjust" to her before the visit. ??? I've never heard of this adjustment period before; we're usually trading back in the mornings and bring L right to daycare.

I expressed concern about her proposed schedule, and she writes back, quoting our seperation agreement about being flexible for L's best interest. No problem, but how is this in his best interest. Sounds to me like it's in her best interest in that it's just her preference. I really don't see how it impacts him going to the doctor, and I'll take him there if it's such an issue. Sorry, not giving up Easter so she can have an "easier" time.

That brings us to tradeoff last night, she arrives and I give her a lift back to her place. As I'm pretty much done trying to talk to her anymore, was a pretty one-sided talk for the 2sec drive. Dropped her off and headed back home to bring L to the park. Only, where's his hat? It's still pretty cold out, and so I send "ex" a text saying she forgot to give the hat and I was upset as this wasn't the first time (last time she tried to leave him with no winter jacket at all for my week, but at least her bf understood the importance, and happily came back to drop it off).

What's her response? I should have my own hat and I didn't give her something last time (no idea what she was talking about) and I should make sure I give her whatever it was. ?????? Seriously WTF!? Okay, what about toque? I'm just getting pissed off as she brushes it off as nothing, and not wanting a fight, told her I was just going to get L a set of everything and the good-for-us-on-a-budget sharing will stop. Seriously, SHE forgot to give the hat, knows it's needed, but offer to bring it by??? Nope!

So I told her it'll be a good idea for her to go out and get L a warm jacket of her own. I'm done with trying to make things work when I'm the only one putting in any effort.

This morning, I dressed him up and used his fall vest instead of his winter jacket. Drove over to her place and we traded back. I'm sure it was an accident, but as I held out the car keys for her, she tried to snatch them too quickly and my finger was caught in the chain. Any apology? Nope! Just started yelling how her lawyer's not going to like hearing I didn't use his winter jacket??!!

WTH? This is just getting ridiculous. Everyday it's another retarded scenario, (empty) threats of lawyers and pointless bickering.

It's almost as if L's best interest only matters when it aligns with hers. Or anytime I don't agree with her, I must be putting myself ahead of him. ??? Whatever. So glad.... bah

Other than that, last night was great. We played with some kids records on the turntables (weird old ABC song with different lyrics, the number song, etc). L had fun scratching the record and playing with all the buttons. Dinner, playtime and bath all went great, and he slept like a champ.

Looking forward to Friday :)

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  1. I'm totally with you, that's just ridiculous. What a psycho.

  2. It's fully ridiculous, but I don't think she's psycho. More likely frustrated with how hard things are. Either way, could be handled much better.

  3. Seems like she's more interested in directing poison in your direction than working together. When there's a child involved it should more collaborative.

    Good on you for trying! At least the boyfriend knows how to play nice.

  4. well atleast she has new bf now to treat like her bitch. she'll leave ya be soon bud.