Monday, June 29, 2009


So, about time I update this with all that' been going on. It's been busy over the last bit with tons of changes happening.

On life:

- L & I have moved! The closing date on my condo sale was Friday, and we got everything packed up and moved. Still have to wait a week before our new place is available, so we're staying with my parents. L loves it there. He loves the hot tub, the long walks & all the playing in the river.
- Bank really screwed me with the sale of the condo. Back in September last year, "ex" & I went into the bank to figure out what it would cost to pay off our mortgage. We used this info to decide that I would sell the condo. Well, fast forward 9 months (ie, 9 months of bi-weekly payments), and now the bank wants a few thousand $$ more! So frustrating! I was able to get the penalty reduced, but still not to what was expected.
- New car's still treating me well, though a buddy chipped a tiny piece of paint when he over-zealously opened the door.
- Cant wait to move into the new place. Though it's fun being back at home and having my parents around, I'm anxious to get set up.
- Ordered the new iPhone 3GS. I didn't think I was going to bother, but Rogers extended their promotional pricing to certain existing customers. See, when I first got the 3G, pricing was $199/$299 for the 8GB/16GB (I got the 8). With the new 3GS, pricing was set the same (this time for 16GB/32GB) however for new customers only. Rogers had stated that current 3G users could upgrade, but only at the un-subsidized pricing ($699/$799!). So I was happy to find out that Rogers was offering the $199/299 pricing to some 3G users. I called and was offered the promo price....sweet! As non-contract 3G phones still hold considerable value, I'm planning to sell my 8gb for $100. So it's costing me $100 to upgrade which I find funny as it would've cost $100 extra to get the 16GB last year. So in effect I'm paying the same upgrade price, but instead of just extra memory, I get all the benefits of the new model. Yay! & thank you Rogers!
- Works been tough over the last bit. A million different things all happening at the same time, so I'm finding it hard to get stuff done. Everything's a priority so managing what actually IS required first. That and I'm supporting another project as their procurement officer is in another country, I'm working on issues that come up there as well.

On "ex":

- Causing me stress! Things are just so frustrating dealing with her. example, I'm packing up my stuff & know I need to pack a weeks worth of clothes for when L & myself stay at my parents. So I go looking for my suitcase and realize it's not at my house. Then I remember I had lent it to "ex" for her b-day weekend trip to her parents (about a month ago). I send her a message asking her if she could bring it with L to daycare so that I can use it for my move. She eventually gets back to me saying she has no idea what I'm talking about, & that she returned my suitcase in November after Jamaica?!?! I tried reminding her that this was much more recent that November, but she was sticking to her guns that she did NOT borrow it recently, doesn't have it, and is completely unwilling to replace. I try reminding her of the fact that she used it just a month ago, and must remember benefiting from the added wheels that are on my suitcase and not on the rest of the set we split up. Still nothing. She claims to have no recollection borrowing it and that I was shit out of luck. I ask if she could please just check at her bf's parents (where she just moved into) that night as it was important I get it and I was sure she had it. Reluctantly ( and sarcastically) agrees that she'lllook for it, and guess what? She had it! She sent me a message saying she had move all of the boxes from one side of the basement to the other and found it on the bottom. No apology for her "I don't remember borrowing it, so screw you" attitude and even said "don't lecture me". OMG. Never again will anything be lent to her without some kind of written rental form as she was so willing to tell me she had no responsibility for it.
- She also left this note/calendar thing in L's bag telling me that I had to input all my holidays and return the form the next day. Uh sorry, but don't know why she'd expect this, especially within her 4 hour timeline she provided. So when I ask her yesterday when she was taking L this week, I get a reminder she had put her days on the calendar. I guess oblivious to the fact I have just moved, I reply saying the paperwork is all packed up in storage & I hadn't memorized it. Another sarcastically rude message back from her that she was thankful I so considerately returned it, I was happy to end the convo right there. No point even trying to reason with her, especially after her cavalier attitude about my $200 suitcase left in her care that she had no responsibility for had it gone missing.
- I just hate how I can't rely on anything from her. Always working on her own agenda. And love her backhand comments she adds on her blog (last one about how L was overly dressed on a warm day...haha, omg not shoes and socks!). Lol cause I had picked him up the week earlier on a gloomy/rainy day and he was in shorts and a tank top with no change of clothes, and without proper shoes.

On L:

- This kid is just too awesome. We went to the beach the other day and he loved playing in the water. He loves throwing stones and splashing in the water.
- His vocabulary seems to grow daily. We were all amused by his "ribbit ribbit" as he played with a little frog toy, so cute! It's still a bit tough to figure out some of what he's saying, but it's great to see him forming new words and chaining them together.
- He'a having a great time at my parents. Visits from his cousin are cute as they play together. We all take turns taking him out on walks in the wagon. It's cool as I pass neighbours that remember when I was that little and introduce him to them.
- He must be having some weird dreams sometimes. Last night, he "woke" a few times crying. I put woke in quotes as he's not actually awake. Most times, the second I open the door to his room, he stops. Last night though, I went in and he continued his cries for a bit. Sounded like "waaah wahhh car waaah car, etc" and I had to startle him awake, cuddle for a bit, then kissed and put back down. Just makes me wonder what kind of car nightmares he was having.
- To sum up, he's the best!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

No time

Sorry I haven't been updating this recently, too much going on right now. I hope to update soon though as lots has been happening over the last bit. Lots.

So, lil bit of patience, and more to come ;)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not my fault

But I still get the blame. I told "ex" this weekend I'd take L overnight on Monday. She calls me that morning after dropping him off to say that daycare lady needs an early pick up. I had training all day, and couldn't guarantee I'd be there on time, so I let "ex" know I couldn't make it, and to change my overnight to Wednesday. I just get a text reply "shit. fine". The end?

Hardly. The next day she sends me an email saying I bailed on our son, etc etc. Tried to tell me it was all my fault, her night was busy etc. I tried explaining it was daycare lady that screwed everything up, and had we received proper notice, I never would have taken the Monday. I understood the crappy situation it created, but it was the lack of notice, not me bailing on my son.

No amount of reasoning with her could get her to understand. Just had to end the conversation at "sorry it happened, but not my fault". Had it been me, I'd have simply explained to daycare lady that the early pick up wasn't possible, and the short notice was unacceptable.

So anyways, I had L last night and we had a ton of fun. After harrassing the dogs at the park and riding the slides/swings etc, we came home for dinner. After his bath, I was playing games with him, getting Hun laughing hysterically. A bit too much at one point, as he got the hiccups and puked a bit. I put an end to the game, read him sine bedtime stories, and put him to bed. Great night!

This Friday I'm getting L dropped off to me instead of daycare so I can bring him into work. We're having an annual bbq day, so it'll be a great chance for work people to meet him while having a nice day outside for L. Should be fun, I'll try and remember the camera.

Still no apartment. Working on the back up plan, but still have a few last chances. Fingers crossed!

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Monday, June 8, 2009


I re-sold the house last weekend!! Still a few days to clear the conditions, but looks like a done deal.

I've been apartment hunting like mad, and hard to find a place that's basically vacant now as I have to be moved in less than 3 weeks!!

So far, found a place that'll work, though a bit on the expensive side. I figure I'll suck it up and take it and move again when I find the perfect spot. This place I found is part of a duplex (or triplex) where the owner lives in one of the places. He seemed pretty chill and flexible to my situation. A few more to see, but so far looking like I'll take it.

New car is awesome! Except for my friends' horrible 'not my forte' jokes, but to be expected I guess. Still do want it tinted (black on black leather cooks in the sun), and maybe a few other small mods as the aftermarket parts become available.

Liam's doing great. We have a ton of fun out at the parks now that the weather's cooperating. I bring him to this popular park where lots of other parents go. He plays with other kids and it's cool to see the interactions. He chases pigeons, laughing & freaking out when they fly away. We chase down pretty much every puppy that comes around so he can say hi.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've been pretty busy with the whole new car/house sale/apartment hunting. Lots of other stuff going on, but figure a small update is better than nothing.

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