Monday, June 8, 2009


I re-sold the house last weekend!! Still a few days to clear the conditions, but looks like a done deal.

I've been apartment hunting like mad, and hard to find a place that's basically vacant now as I have to be moved in less than 3 weeks!!

So far, found a place that'll work, though a bit on the expensive side. I figure I'll suck it up and take it and move again when I find the perfect spot. This place I found is part of a duplex (or triplex) where the owner lives in one of the places. He seemed pretty chill and flexible to my situation. A few more to see, but so far looking like I'll take it.

New car is awesome! Except for my friends' horrible 'not my forte' jokes, but to be expected I guess. Still do want it tinted (black on black leather cooks in the sun), and maybe a few other small mods as the aftermarket parts become available.

Liam's doing great. We have a ton of fun out at the parks now that the weather's cooperating. I bring him to this popular park where lots of other parents go. He plays with other kids and it's cool to see the interactions. He chases pigeons, laughing & freaking out when they fly away. We chase down pretty much every puppy that comes around so he can say hi.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've been pretty busy with the whole new car/house sale/apartment hunting. Lots of other stuff going on, but figure a small update is better than nothing.

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