Friday, May 29, 2009

Pointless poppycock

So all the issues with logistics and L starting this weekend disappeared. My car came in and thus will have no problems. How much easier this all would have gone had "ex" just stayed by her promise? There'd have been no arguments, no worry, just all solution. My car would've come in time and there'd have been no need for her help. But no, that didn't happen, but at least I'm all set for L'a return later today :)

Yeah, my car. I got a call at work Wednesday letting me know it arrived. A buddy from work offered a ride over to the dealership and we took off. Quickly noticed my car in the lot, and my friend (who just got himself an 09 Lexus IS250 I think) was impressed too.

We got the salesguy and headed out for the test drive. He explained the story of 500kms on the car to me as we drove. Apparently, Kia Canada had a sales meeting in Toronto showing off the new lineup. The sole black, automatic, SX model was bought by the Smiths Falls Kia owner. My dealership worked it out to get from him, and so the car had been driven from TO to Smiths Falls to Ottawa.

Not horrible, but I was okay with their compensation offering. Except, they were trying to pull a fast one here it seemed. K, so the test drive went well, got back and my friend left. I went in to hammer out the paperwork. This is where it got weird. He said the things he was offering in the deal had to be itemized on the bill of sale. So there they were, package a for $x, package b for $y, etc. Only there was no equivalent deductions anywhere to reflect that these were in fact free. The costs were being adding in to the total (!??!)

All apologetic, we went through probably 10 iterations of this form, but I couldn't help but think this is where they try to fuck people. I didn't really believe his sincerity about the errors, but I kept driving the price & payments down.

We still needs to go get registered/plates and go to a bank for the withdrawal authorization form. I was probably at the dealership for 6 hours before finally pulling out in the new ride. So far super happy with it, though a full review to come soon. Single complaint so far is the USB port FOR iPods doesn't work with my iPhone :( When I connect it, the screen shows "USB connecting" while my phone just goes from charging, not charging, charging, not... etc. until finally, an error on the screen that it can't connect :(

There is a 1/8" audio jack that I can use with the headphone port, but it means controlling tracks is all on the phone and not through the system like it's supposed to. I actually more hate that it means it won't charge my phone and I'll have to get the lighter power adapter. Also, I think I have a USB stick somewhere that I can dump my music onto and plug that into the stereo.

All in all I am very pleased so far. My payments came down a chunk from what I thought I'd be paying, the car drives well & looks good. Yay to the car!

And sure, a thank you to "ex" for being the one to make it happen. *I* would never pick the Escape, but hope she likes it as I do my Forte.

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  1. you might be able to configure the iphone error. i've heard this prob before. ill ask around for you.