Monday, May 25, 2009

Crack a bottle

This was the weekend of getting shit done. First up, I finally got the call from the dealership to let me know my financing was approved. But still have to wait until either today or tomorrow to find out when my make/model is actually going to arrive. As I really need to get the car by Friday, I'm hopeful that's the case.

Other big finish is my house is "sold". Well, accepted an offer and just have to go through the hoops associated with closing. Didn't get full asking, but a fair amount above the level the other units sold for recently. Pretty aggressive schedule too, so I've got to get finding a new place asap.

I'm fairly sure I'll be looking on the dark side (read: gatineau) for the new place. I work there, rent is considerably cheaper, daycare is ridiculously cheap and I'll have my own car soon. Lots of advantages. But I have no idea how, logistically, things will work. I expect super resistance and just hope things can be worked out civilly. Back up ready tho.

So yeah, a couple big "to-do"s crossed off this weekend and getting on track. Feels good!

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  1. congrats on selling the house shaun! that's great news!

  2. thanks! Good news for sued, mainly glad I get to close out another chapter.

    Why is everyone anonymous? :P hehe (just use the name/URL choice and make up an address)