Monday, May 25, 2009

So stupid!

Gah, when is this ridiculousness going to stop?? What am I talking about? The big problem? "ex" continues her smears, this time by telling people who they can (or more accurately, who they can't) follow on Twitter.

How'd this start? A while back I posted how "ex" sent out a message to mutual friends telling them to remove me as a "friend" on facebook. A few did, most ignored it. One of those people who removed me (said wasn't his choice exactly) ended up adding me on twitter. I got in touch with him explaining that it's probably best not to be followers of each other as "ex" would most likely have problems with it.

But as time passed, "ex" continued to add my friends to her Twitter (uh, double standard much?), so I decided I guess it's fine to add some friends to mine. Seems reasonable, right?

I guess not. "ex" sent out a message asking to remove me from their twitter. LOL. It's not like it changes a single thing, except how I'm not allowed to show I'm friends with certain people, but completely acceptable for her.

The pettiness continues to surprise me. You'd think by now it wouldn't even matter. But no, she continues to try and control what others do, hypocritically.

And here I was thinking I had seen the end of the hypocrisy (or better yet, hypocrazy). Guess not :(

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