Friday, May 15, 2009

Need a ride

I've been sick this past week, and haven't thought to update this. Lots going on, biggest thing being, I need to get a car!

"ex" worked out a way for us to unload our shared, headache-inducing car, so I've now got a ticking clock to get my own car. I'm pretty excited about it, but completely torn with choices.

What I WANT:
Audi A3. I was trying to find an 06 or newer, but still found them out of my price range. Audi's really hold their value well, and I came across many listing with close to 200K Kms still fetching a good amount. So, I'll be pushing off that idea until at least my next car purchase. Too bad too, there were a few A3/A4's that were close in price range, but mileage was too high for me. Hopefully next time around I can visit them again, and they just keep getting nicer every year (and a new A1 model coming out).

So, then I turned my attention to a lease takeover. I like this idea as it puts me in a car without a long term commitment to it. Also, as the ppl trying to get out of a lease are usually in need to do so, there's some deals to be had. I'm going to check this out tomorrow:
It's a 2007 VW Rabbit. I'd be taking over this car for 2 years, at a monthly cost I can afford and I'd be able to just walk away from it at the end (or buy for another $13K, but doubt I'd be interested). BUT, I'm having 2nd thoughts about it. Over the 2 years I'd basically be burning $10K+ in the payments.

SO, then I started new car hunting again. My dad had suggested checking out some of the domestic models as a ton of dealers are going under / being shut down. Big problem though, domestic cars are ugly/crappy/not my thing. I mean there's obviously a few exceptions, but those are generally the ones considerably out of my price range. Nothing appeals to me in the entry-ish level cars these guys offer.

I began poking around and found some interesting cars to check out (new Mazda 3, Rabbit, GTI, Civics, etc) but although decent starting price points, by the time I've configured mine, they're just too pricey (or lacking options I want).

I grabbed my mail today, and inside was an invite to some Kia event going on at the dealership we bought the last 2 cars from. We had originally bought an 06 Rio5, but upgraded to the Rondo to give us that extra space for L. I was happy with the Rio while we had it. It drove well, had great options, but just wasn't big enough for us. I hated the Rondo, but manly because it just felt like driving a mini van. The car itself was alright, but it'd never be a choice for me.

But what's this? some new cars in their line-up for 2010? I had seen the new Kia Soul before, and although I found it pretty nice, I'm not interested in a SUV-like car. I'd much prefer a nice little hatchback or sedan. It's the other new model that's got me interested.
This is the 2010 Kia Forte. I have to say, it may just be the perfect choice. Great price point for a fully loaded model with the options I'm after. I sent a couple of info requests out to see when these are available. The 1 crappy part, was the picture I first saw of this car was a 2dr coupe version. It had nicer styling to me, but it doesn't seem like Kia's offering it this year, at least in Canada :/ But I do still like this 4dr, and judging by the financing calculations on Kia's site, this car is right in my price range. The downside being, I'll be back in the 'locked into a car' for the next few years. Not horrible, it just seems that after about 2 years I'm changing cars, and I'd be looking at a 5 year commitment on this one.

Anyways, hoping they have or can get quickly a Black SX Automatic for me somewhere in Ottawa. Then take it out for a test drive and make the decision...but this is the new front runner.

Any suggestions of other cars to check out?

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