Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treking around Europe

I'm back from my trip overseas and had a blast! But fun was coupled with sadness as day 1 I lose my phone :( That screwed a bit with my plans to tour around as I lost my handy internet-in-pocket device. Germany was great, meetings went really well and the weather was great. Then onto Amsterdam for vacation where it rained a bit everyday, but was still decent weather (and much better than home, so no complaints). One of the work guys ended up coming with me and we met up with friends from his old job. It was definitely a blast being down there with a big group of Canadians right in the middle of the Olympics. Especially since everywhere but North America lists the medal count by # of Golds, so Canada was #1.

Don't really want to type out any stories from the trip, but small 'highlights' were:
Losing phone, breaking glasses, waking up in a small pool of blood (lol), yummy schnitzel, a million gorgeous Audis, Dutch girls > German girls, Casino fun / insane beats, crazy last minute bookings and contingency plans, touring Red Light district, shopping, etc etc.

Really can't wait for another trip like this, I love travelling...but the downside, I missed my son like crazy! It was SO nice when I got him back. We've had a lot of fun so far since I got back especially because the weather's starting to be nice finally. We're spending a lot of time outside as he chases down birds and plays with rocks etc. He chases me down the street with his hands up to his head like horns or antlers all the while growling as loud as he can. It's hilarious and passerby's can't help but laugh too. On my trip there were so many times I wish I had him with me, love being reunited.

BUT you know what's insanely stupid?!?! Ex never went to visit her family. No road trip, nothing. Ie, absolutely no reason to use the piece of L's luggage I requested and was adamantly denied since she "needed" it. Such BS!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fucking bullshit

When I was with ex, we got a set of luggage. 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small bag. When we split, it was decided I'd take the medium one, she'd take the large and the small would be L's.

She had a trip down south and asked to borrow mine for the trip. I agreed, lent it to her. Then I needed it a few months later. I asked for her to return it, and what happened? She told me she already gave it back?!? (I think I blogged about this when it happened). I had to convince her she was wrong, hadn't returned it, and to search her stuff as I knew he had it. Much arguments later, she told me 'oops, found it. I'll give it back'.

Fast forward to now, and I've got a last minute work trip planning to leave this coming Saturday. I'm going to Germany with multiple stops. So, I asked to borrow the small bag (L's) for the trip since I can carry it on and avoid checked bags. She REFUSED. Why? She says she's planning a trip to Brantford and is using it. Ok, I ask if she can use my (medium) bag instead. 'nope'. Ok, can she use any other bag to pack for the trip (she'lll be driving a minivan so space not an issue). 'nope, I'm using it'

I tried in vain to explain she can use any bag, but I don't have that luxury and would like to use L's. Not her problem is her final answer.

So now I've got to scramble around and find something else suitable for 2 weeks of travel, but small enough for carry-on.

So fucking bullshit especially after she tried to pass the blame when she lost track of my bag (at the time was telling me 'too fucking bad, go buy another' before she located it in her posession).

So much for being civil, we're onto pettyness it seems

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last Friday I had a (nowadays rare) dj gig. I was to play a set with my friend Dylan and was pretty pumped to play out. I spent a good amount of time digging through my collection, picking out tunes to play. All set for the night, Dylan and I headed to the club. We got there for the tail end of the opener's set and then caught the fiver vs haze set.

Then Dylan and I got on, there was a fairly good size crowd on the dancefloor, and things began smoothly. Dylan and I were going 4 tracks each, which was good for getting into the groove, but left a fair amount of time in between so I felt like I was re-adjusting everytime I stepped up. Still, things were going smoothly until I started having "noob dj" issues. Tech 1200 MKII were set up (I use M3Ds at home) and I can see why changes were made. I was in a mix and knew to mix out when the breakdown of the new track began. So, riding the mix and I hear the new tune go silent. Assuming I reached the breakdown, I pushed the fader across so the new tune would takeover. Only I failed to notice my hand had switched the power off on the turntable(!). So what I thought was the breakdown was actually silence :(. Quickly tho, flipped the power back on, fixed the speed setting and hit play. Ok, a bit akward, but didn't throw things off too much. (on M3Ds, Technics changed the power switch to a recessed version making this problem non-existant. It's just a design flaw of the MKIIs that I forgot about. And cause I'm not used to it, my palm usually rests on that switch, I actually did this a few times that night, though the other times it happened while the track was still in cue, so wasn't audible to the crowd)

Later came a mix I had been playing around with at home. Using Dr S Gachet's The Dreamer and mixing Dom n Roland's Cant Punish Me, I found a sweet drop spot for these tunes. The dreamer builds up and drops and CPM lines up nicely. That is, until I mis-adjusted the speed pushing one the wrong direction. So bog mix happening, crowd dancing/cheering and then trainwreck :(. I tried to fade back to the dreamer, re-adjust CPM and continue the mix. It somewhat worked and I continued, but it left a sour taste as it was a great mix gone wrong. Really, I should have pulled the double rewind (ie, re drop the mix) but didn't. Booo.

Other than that though, it was a great night out. Dylan played some great older jump up tunes that served as a little education for the younger crowd.

Anyways, big ups to mz rev & Saxon for their work putting these shows on and of course ashes, ramza, fiver & haze for dj'ing.

Now I only hope less time in between gigs (before this was valentines, so more than 1 gig a year would be nice lol).

Oh yeah, looks like I'm 2 weeks away from heading to Europe!! Work trip, but I'll be taking advantage of the paid airfare and extend my stay a bit. Still need a contract signed before I know for sure, but it'll be any day now. Can't fucking wait!!!!!!! Daddy needs a trip!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the stupid things

Somethings I just don't understand. When L was born, I bought ex an expensive diaper bag ($200+) that she wanted. A few months ago, L had a new bag to use. Now I admit the one I bought was girly, but it was also a great bag for it's purpose. His new bag, admittedly more guy-friendly, is horrible to use in practice. It's not as big, doesn't have as many pockets etc, and I find things are stuffed in there with no extra room. Especially during these winter months where it has to house his snow gear. I just don't understand the change.

Just one of those questions I have as I stuff the bag full with his daily pack. It's weird!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Will be short

I think the only way I'll update this will be a la twitter style for now; just small concise points. I just never get around to putting time into writting here, had always used it to kill commute time.

Today I got my son back. As he's no longer going to daycare on her weeks, we have to meet up again for the exchange. I got a message a few hours before saying she couldn't make it as it conflicts with feeding time for her new baby and that her guy would come instead. Ok no problem, meet him, open the back door and L greets me with "Shaun!" all happy. ??. Then I say it's daddy and he's just as happy to call me that. But still, why would he even know to call me that?! Was odd to me, but otherwise glad to have him back. After getting home we went over to the park nearby to take advantage of the great winter weather.

That's it

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