Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last Friday I had a (nowadays rare) dj gig. I was to play a set with my friend Dylan and was pretty pumped to play out. I spent a good amount of time digging through my collection, picking out tunes to play. All set for the night, Dylan and I headed to the club. We got there for the tail end of the opener's set and then caught the fiver vs haze set.

Then Dylan and I got on, there was a fairly good size crowd on the dancefloor, and things began smoothly. Dylan and I were going 4 tracks each, which was good for getting into the groove, but left a fair amount of time in between so I felt like I was re-adjusting everytime I stepped up. Still, things were going smoothly until I started having "noob dj" issues. Tech 1200 MKII were set up (I use M3Ds at home) and I can see why changes were made. I was in a mix and knew to mix out when the breakdown of the new track began. So, riding the mix and I hear the new tune go silent. Assuming I reached the breakdown, I pushed the fader across so the new tune would takeover. Only I failed to notice my hand had switched the power off on the turntable(!). So what I thought was the breakdown was actually silence :(. Quickly tho, flipped the power back on, fixed the speed setting and hit play. Ok, a bit akward, but didn't throw things off too much. (on M3Ds, Technics changed the power switch to a recessed version making this problem non-existant. It's just a design flaw of the MKIIs that I forgot about. And cause I'm not used to it, my palm usually rests on that switch, I actually did this a few times that night, though the other times it happened while the track was still in cue, so wasn't audible to the crowd)

Later came a mix I had been playing around with at home. Using Dr S Gachet's The Dreamer and mixing Dom n Roland's Cant Punish Me, I found a sweet drop spot for these tunes. The dreamer builds up and drops and CPM lines up nicely. That is, until I mis-adjusted the speed pushing one the wrong direction. So bog mix happening, crowd dancing/cheering and then trainwreck :(. I tried to fade back to the dreamer, re-adjust CPM and continue the mix. It somewhat worked and I continued, but it left a sour taste as it was a great mix gone wrong. Really, I should have pulled the double rewind (ie, re drop the mix) but didn't. Booo.

Other than that though, it was a great night out. Dylan played some great older jump up tunes that served as a little education for the younger crowd.

Anyways, big ups to mz rev & Saxon for their work putting these shows on and of course ashes, ramza, fiver & haze for dj'ing.

Now I only hope less time in between gigs (before this was valentines, so more than 1 gig a year would be nice lol).

Oh yeah, looks like I'm 2 weeks away from heading to Europe!! Work trip, but I'll be taking advantage of the paid airfare and extend my stay a bit. Still need a contract signed before I know for sure, but it'll be any day now. Can't fucking wait!!!!!!! Daddy needs a trip!

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