Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the stupid things

Somethings I just don't understand. When L was born, I bought ex an expensive diaper bag ($200+) that she wanted. A few months ago, L had a new bag to use. Now I admit the one I bought was girly, but it was also a great bag for it's purpose. His new bag, admittedly more guy-friendly, is horrible to use in practice. It's not as big, doesn't have as many pockets etc, and I find things are stuffed in there with no extra room. Especially during these winter months where it has to house his snow gear. I just don't understand the change.

Just one of those questions I have as I stuff the bag full with his daily pack. It's weird!

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  1. Seriously, even if it is expensive, it really sucks using the same bag for a long time..and 2 years+ is a loooong time..

    I think it's nice that the new bag is more macho, even if it's a tad less practical. And you can never be too sure when you're buying something how useful it will turn out...

  2. price has nothing to do with it... the girly bag was just that girly... let a brother carry what makes him comfortable, he aint tell you what shoes to do does he?

  3. But it's also flawed in that it doesn't sit on your shoulder and instead basically requires it to be worn over the shoulder. It's not practical as usually have L in my arms.
    And I guess 'cat' has difficulty reading since this is a bag ex and I share, I seriously doubt it's a comfort thing.

    Of course I can just replace it, I was just ranting about the oddness as the bag falls off my shoulder for the millionth time

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  5. why don't you just buy a new bag and leave the other one at home?

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