Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not my fault

But I still get the blame. I told "ex" this weekend I'd take L overnight on Monday. She calls me that morning after dropping him off to say that daycare lady needs an early pick up. I had training all day, and couldn't guarantee I'd be there on time, so I let "ex" know I couldn't make it, and to change my overnight to Wednesday. I just get a text reply "shit. fine". The end?

Hardly. The next day she sends me an email saying I bailed on our son, etc etc. Tried to tell me it was all my fault, her night was busy etc. I tried explaining it was daycare lady that screwed everything up, and had we received proper notice, I never would have taken the Monday. I understood the crappy situation it created, but it was the lack of notice, not me bailing on my son.

No amount of reasoning with her could get her to understand. Just had to end the conversation at "sorry it happened, but not my fault". Had it been me, I'd have simply explained to daycare lady that the early pick up wasn't possible, and the short notice was unacceptable.

So anyways, I had L last night and we had a ton of fun. After harrassing the dogs at the park and riding the slides/swings etc, we came home for dinner. After his bath, I was playing games with him, getting Hun laughing hysterically. A bit too much at one point, as he got the hiccups and puked a bit. I put an end to the game, read him sine bedtime stories, and put him to bed. Great night!

This Friday I'm getting L dropped off to me instead of daycare so I can bring him into work. We're having an annual bbq day, so it'll be a great chance for work people to meet him while having a nice day outside for L. Should be fun, I'll try and remember the camera.

Still no apartment. Working on the back up plan, but still have a few last chances. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I think your ex likes the blame game. Have you seen her recent post about her new "roomates" i.e. boyfriends parents. She is already freaking out over there, just watch she will burn that bridge too and be out on the street, prego with her boyfriend making ends meet selling used cars at a shitty lot in Lincoln Fields. I hope Liam gets thru this ok as Jenny is certainly out for herself. What is to become of this lady?

  2. Hahahah post of the year above!!!