Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fuck you snow

It's such utter bullshit to read "ex"s blog and come across a comment saying I only want to spend time with my son "for the most part". Uh, what part don't I want to spend time with him?

All the while trying to get me to give up time with him to make it easier for her. Such fucking bs! I'm getting so sick of her lying and defamatory remarks taking jabs at my fathering. She goes off on how bad a dad I am on her private blog thinking somehow her comments don't make their way back to me.

Meanwhile I'M the one raising L on my own. She shacked up as quick as she could with new guys until the current one kept her around. Not even considering L should things go sour, she's living with the guy already. Using him to help with bills and such, I guess that's why there's money for lawyers. Funny how she dove right into a dependent relationship when she left to figure things out for herself.

I'm the one doing this on my own. I don't get help with bills; I don't have help when I take him out, etc. It's frustrating to then read she thinks I'm only thinking of myself. Sorry, but you're the one with the self centered approach using others to make it easier for yourself. You think it was in L's best interest to have a guy you've known all of a half dozen months live with you two? Ha! I'd like to see the rationale there. It's more likely it was convenient to have someone share the costs without taking into account the possible repercussions on L, especially if things don't work out.

So stupid/frustrating/annoying!

Current most popular "ex" saying: lawyer copied.

And it's snowing. Fuck you snow!

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  1. Unbelievable. You're a great father, Shaun.

  2. I know that you may not believe this, but I actually stumbled across your blog by accident....but that being said…that is neither here nor there…. have faith in your parenting skills. Let your son be the judge of what you do, and how you care for him. Many women in your "exes" predicament would be grateful for a father that is very much interested in taking an active role in his child’s life. Too many young boys have absentee fathers, and be proud that you are invested in being there, and playing an important role in his well-being. As a woman, I’m disheartened to hear that another woman would try to “hurt” that bond, when so many of us would do anything to provide that level of involvement from the fathers of our children.

    I certainly don’t know you, and don’t know your ex, and probably have no business commenting. I have no clue what lead to your split, or what actions you contributed to the demise, but I can say as an outside “lurker” (for lack of a better word), it seems that you care so deeply, and want to be the best Father that you can be. So keep doing what you are doing, and the only opinion that counts is your son’s. No lawyer, or threats, or bad-mouthing to friends can change that.

    Best of luck, and keep writing, because strangers like me enjoy reading.

    Not crazy, or deranged, just felt compelled to comment. Sophie

  3. Thanks! I don't think she's trying to affect our bond (father/son), other than hurting me by threatening custody/lawyers, the insults/jabs/lies, etc. I actually do believe she thinks I'm a good dad, but caught up hating me (herself?) so lashes out. Who knows really. It's just hard to ignore when stories float around and I hear some of what she says about me and our situation.

    It is helpful to hear the support ;)