Saturday, April 25, 2009

the munchkin

Part 1 - Some Pics

I take hundreds of photos of my little boy, and just dump them in an ever growing folder. I figured I'd put some to use and share them. Video's to come next.

Also, I didn't want to just upload them into Blogger, but cant seem to figure out how to embed a web page within this. So, hosted externally:

Clicky for Pickies

and oh yeah, did I mention "ex" is preggo again? yup, apparently!! Good 6ish month new relationship milestone! hahaha, lol


  1. Crazy about your ex, can you confirm this is 100% true yet? I wonder if the Great Dawski will make a quick exit stage left now.

  2. 100%

    But I've seen nothing to speculate he'd leave.

  3. Wow. Just wow. Girl moves fast.

  4. Someone needs to slap a chastity belt on that lady. At least until her psychologist can get her thinking clearly....

  5. I feel bad for Liam.

    You're both better off.

  6. Me too, how is Liam going to feel going week to week with another little one taking the place of him and also will certainly play second fiddle to the new addition in Daweski's eyes..

  7. Here's the thing. I'm not a fan of your ex. Frankly her behaviour lately seems more than a little weird. I'm one of those "friends" that she unceremoniously dumped off of her Facebook without warning or explanation. And as for her "private" blog, I think that it is pretentious and more than a little lame. Having said that, it is so completely unacceptable that you announced her pregnancy on your blog. ESPECIALLY when she said she isn't sure what she's planning to do yet. As far as I am concerned you crossed the line. SHe may be your ex, but she is a woman and what she does with her body is her business, and in her own words, NONE OF YOURS. Shame on you Daddy Doe. I was on your "side" up until now, but this really sheds some light on your true personality and perhaps how little you respect your (ex) wife. Maybe a glimpse into why she left you in the first place?

  8. Thanks for the comment, and I do agree somewhat. However, it was not the scenario as you describe.

    She posted herself stating she was pregnant. I saw that post. She did not tell me directly, and as said, when I asked directly about it, was still denying it.

    While I agree that it's not fully my business, however this will greatly affect MY son and thereby affect me.

    Again, I'm not looking for anyone to choose sides, that's pretty ridiculous. I'm just sharing my frustration with the situations I'm forced to face.

    This def couldve been handled much better