Monday, April 27, 2009


So I see "ex" after work today so she can drop off L with me. I'm driving her back to her place and ask if she had any news to share.

She says not really, and begins to give status quo updates about the car, her house... when I stop her and ask, "what about new additions to your family?". She says there's nothing new, asking what I mean. So I ask flat out "so are you pregnant?". And what's her answer? "it's none of your business, that has nothing to do with you" and then the best comment "I don't know what I'm doing yet".

Ok, it may not be MY business, but it certainly affects L and if it affects him, I'm involved. I can't believe she would announce such a thing on the internet to anyone reading, but doesn't have the guts or backbone to let the father of her son know. And what of that comment? Is she seriously thinking what to do???!!! Like pondering #3+????

What a trainwreck. Don't know about you, but I'd think you'd want to know someone longer than 6 months before having a kid with them.

Wow. Just wow.

And what's up with L. After taking him out to the park for about an hour, he's demanding "elmo" which I think is TV judging by the finger points. But wth?? Why does he expect tv?? I know his mom and I are on the same page, and daycare lady knows, so where is this tv-addiction coming from??


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