Friday, April 3, 2009

Well that's shitty

Losing friends sucks. Post-breakup with "ex", I never asked any friend to choose "sides". "ex" did, sent out bs messages to our friends basically telling them to choose and made up bs as to why.

But I didn't go that route. I talked to some that had removed me, and they weren't happy about it either. Basically said that they were freaked out by her message and didn't want to get involved. No problem, I wouldn't ask anyone to get in the middle. But I still feel her message was unwaranted and she needs to apologize for it and send out to those lied to.

Alls to say, I don't mind trying to comply with her wishes. If anything, it does make things a bit easier. But it wasn't like I was going to rid myself of friends because they're still friends with her. That's exactly what I hated about her message asking people to pick. What I can't/won't tolerate is friends who would prefer to ignore anything of what's happened and continue on as if nothing did.

When a friend tells me they don't care, hey, no problem. But, why are we friends? You don't care about a huge life changing event? I can understand not wanting to be put in the middle of anything, but not open to listening if I have something to say or vent about? Or criticize me for coping with it? Sorry, but why are we friends?

Not wanting to get into it further, I'd rather just let it (them) go. You don't want to hear it when I need someone to listen, not much of a friend at all. You want to stay impartial, fine, no prob, but there's a huge difference in those 2.

So BAH! Sorry, but I'd rather focus attention elsewhere.


Last night I watched the new Xmen Origins: Wolverine movie. Hehe, this movie's coming out in theatres in May and I'm watching it, near DVD quality, on my couch. But even better (worse) was this version isn't even complete. The whole movie's there, but there's some of the big CGI isn't. Like this part where a guy goes flying over a train, you just see a crudely animated stickman like figure flying through the air. It was a decent flick, but there seemed to be holes in the story (well discrepancies from how I remember it).

Also started watching a new show called Castle. It's kind of similar to Dexter in that it's a police show, but instead of following a serial killer forensic guy, this show revolves around a crime author (played by the guy who was the captain in the movie Serenity). He's got many best-selling crime novels, and the first episode has someone killing people in ways similar to some of his books. So, the police engage his expertise to help solve the case. He then uses his contacts to get permission to shadow the homicide's cute detective on further cases to provide inspiration for future novels. Overall, not a bad show, and it's been added to my download list.

Looking forward to tonight. I get L back for the start of a pretty long time with him. See, next weekend I get him too. As it's Easter, and my year with L for that holiday, I'm about to get almost 2 weeks with him! Yay! I can't wait, and I know my family can't wait to see him again. Swim date all lined up for this weekend too. Now just to get through the rest of the day.

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  1. Dude, Serenity is not just a movie's the final episode of a tv show named Firefly. One of the best tv shows of all time, cancelled of course, way too early. Go get the DVD..c'mon, everybody loves a good sci-fi western....