Monday, April 6, 2009

Mini Phelps?

My weekend with L was great. Got him back Friday afternoon, and I think as an apology for that hat fiasco, his mom offered a bunch of accessories to stay with him. She had his fall jacket and a new pair of rubber boots. Perfect, since we were expecting a gloomy weekend.

I got a little break Friday night that gave me the chance to go out. I went to my poker friends' place for an impromptu cash game. Full table right away, it didn't take long for some big pots. I was playing well, hitting cards when I needed to, except on the big pots. Things like I flopped a set, but guy on his straight draw would stay in the hand and hit his card :(. The couple big pots I dragged were mostly bluffs, so I was pretty lucky there. Left up some money and headed out to see a friend dj.

I was also hoping to run into someone for a chat, but didn't get the chance. The night was alright, weird point when I ran into this girl I kind of know, felt like I had to say "hi", but had nothing to talk about so just awkward silence. The night was pretty tame.

Saturday was more gloomy rain, so L and I stayed in for indoor activities. He's getting to he a wicked little helper. I was using the handvac to clean up some stuff as L was hiding (he's scared of vacuums). Then I was moving stuff around and knocked a plant over. Dirt on the carpet and on my leg, I didn't want to track it all over the place. I asked L, "can you bring the vacuum to daddy? The loud machine, can you get that?". L totally understood, faced his fear and brought me the handvac. It was amazing to see how much he understands.

Sunday looked like it was going to be just as dreary. His swim date got cancelled, but I still wanted to take him. So early afternoon I made a trip over to the store and got him a little life jacket, swim diapers and some shorts. We went to the pool nearby and I was suprised to find out it was only $2. I knew it was free for L, but thought it'd be more like $5 for me. Bonus. I got him all ready to go and we headed for the pool. His reaction? Loved it. He had no problems coming right in with me and seemed like he was having a great time. Although he kept trying to drink the water when I'd let him float on his own.

There were a few other parent/kid combos and I was glad L was doing much better than some. There was another boy in tears a lot and I could tell it was tough on the dad. We just floated around staying clear of the other swimmers and found some of those weighted rings to play with. L would throw them in, I'd catch them in my feet and pass it back. He was laughing everytime (I think because I was using my feet). I splashed some water at him, and that became his new favorite thing to do. He pounded on the water getting us both drenched while laughing. It was cute.

Changing afterwards was the tricky part. After I had him all ready it was hard to keep him near while I changed. But, slowly got all ready and we headed home. We'll definately be doing that more often, and I think it'll be a lot of fun when his swim date works out.

The sun had come out so we played outside until dinner. Swimming must have taken a lot out of him as after dinner he didn't last too long. He was asking for his bottle, and I asked if he wanted to go upstairs for bath & bed. He started going up and I got the bottle ready.

Things are getting so easy now that he understands questions. Even if he's crying, I just have to ask him questions and can usually figure out exactly what's upsetting him.

Blah babbling away and haven't gotten to me trying to find one of those baby-tether-leash-handcuff things that attach toddlers to their parents or the reason why I need to find one. I'll post about that later.....but anyone know?? Toysrus?

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  1. Get one of these, they sell them at Walmart for about $30