Monday, March 23, 2009

Guess I'll be posting stats

A shame really, but for one to announce that they don't read my blog at all, while the stats show daily checks, I guess I'll be posting the hard data to show the truth.

Again, that's my only goal in any writing dealing with "ex", to provide the other side to the wild stories being told.

Just another in the long line of saying 1 thing nicely publically, but doing the exact opposite when not in the public eye.

As a heads up, stats show every entry click, page views, times, etc. I've got 1 log from a constant visitor, with daily visits since the start. Oh yeah, forgot to mention it shows ISP and registration info about the visitors. ie, I see

Any guesses how often it IS checked?

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  1. HEHEHE - well played.

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  3. Fucking Firefox. What blogging application do you use on your iPhone?

  4. Bah, thinking about it, I don't even want to bother with the stats. Don't want to get "anyone" in trouble at work, and I could very well see that happening after you see the amount of time wasted while working.

    Also, I don't care. If someone wants to proclaim they don't do something, let them. Satisfying enough to see the truth.

    I'm sure though, if continued statements like that continue, I will post.

    Public Dubz, I'm using BlogPress

  5. Yeah yeah, continue continue continue. Still better than chronically

  6. You know what? She didn't visit today! First since day 1. I just hope she uses this same "will power" or whatever it is when putting the effort in to being civil with me. One can hope.

  7. BlogPress is sick, big up, and also to 4share ;-p