Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0

Today Apple announced the new 3.0 OS' features and a bunch of highly anticipated ones coming to light... finally.

Copy/paste! One of those must-have-been-forgotten features finally coming (natively). There've been many times I wanted to send someone a link, or quote text, and I've had to type it all out. There was a seperate app you could get to do this, but wasn't a great built-in feature.

3rd party 'push' notification! Push makes updates in real time. Think getting a text message, when it comes it, your phone alerts you. This is what I've been using Backgrounder for, but again, being built into the OS is a much better way to go.

Landscape mode for all! The iPhone has so many different rules for the keyboard. Sometimes you only get a stripped down qwerty layout with all symbols tucked in a shift-click type mode, sometimes you get a few high-use symbols alongside the qwerty keys, sometimes you can use landscape mode and unleash the full power of 2 thumb typing but other times you can't. Well, this addresses the last variation. Biggest help will be landscape mode for text messaging. I know I can type much faster in landscape, but I do find I miss the top row more often and end up tapping into the text block which of course moves the cursor. I still would really like to see custom layouts allowed. There's certain symbols I would find useful to have available for 1 click use.

MMS replacing SMS! Now you'll be able to send pics etc as attachments to text. I could do this with my razr, but not the iPhone out of the box. There are apps for this too, but see the theme? Integrated is so much better!

Peer 2 Peer! This seems pretty interesting. You'll be able to connect to other iPhones via bluetooth or wifi. Uses could be for multiplayer games, file sharing, etc. It seems like more and more friends have the iPhone, that I can see putting this to good use.

There's something like 100 changes/updates in 3.0 to the current 2.2.1, but lots of minor stuff packed in there.

The shitty part though?? It's not coming until summer :(. Then I have to wait for the jb version. Oh well, 3rd party apps it is.

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  1. how does backgroudner help with push notifications

  2. Well it keeps the app open in the background. So when an update comes in, you see it on the icon (like you would when a text comes in). Say like facebook, you put it in the background and it'll notify as new msgs come in.

  3. Not sure. I think it does, but mostly use it to put the radio apps in the background so they continue playing while I surf or whatever. 3.0 will be much better for push. This works to an extent, but isn't ideal.

  4. Peep Astral Media's website cuz they have streamin for the iphone.

    Also check out IM+ since beejive is now copy-protected. Available on appulo.us...

  5. What do you mean by streaming content for the phone?

    Yeah, I've been trying to get IM+ back (used before replacing with beejive), but all the links in appulous are removed. Going to track it down the "old" way

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