Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess I'm a Bastard..?

Today I met up with "ex" so we could go scope out a potential school to put L into. As he's 18 months now, more daycare options are open to us. This place seemed great. They do cool activities with the kids, great location, offer good structure, etc, but no mention of cost on their website.

On our way over, I noticed she wasn't wearing her anniversary ring (I mentioned before that I thought it odd she did post-marriage) and asked her about it. She brushed it off saying when her attire is paired with gold, she doesn't wear it. She asked why it even mattered to me since she bought it herself. ??? What? I tried to remind her how it was my gift to her (it was the paper anniversary, so I actually got her a drawing of a ring explaining she could go pick it out, and gave her a budget), but apparently, the way she remembers it now is that I got her nothing it seemed. So somehow I guess I'm a bastard that got my wife nothing on our anniversary. I just shrugged it off and just didn't want to get into anything over something that really doesn't matter.

We get to the school and have our interview. Everything is great about it and would love to see L in a place like that. But, of course, it costs money. It's not wildly expensive, but a fair chunk more than now, and likely won't be do-able :(. I'll have to look into it more, but I'm about to have significant financial changes soon (sell my home and go back to renting an apt, car situation, etc) that I won't really know if I can manage it. I'm sure there's other options as well, and I could end up moving to a different area of town, so I think we'll have to stuck with our language barriered lady for now.

I can't wait to get him into a school like that soon though. The kids do gymnastics, martial arts, daily crafts, excursions, etc and I can't help but think he's just playing with toys in a basement all day at daycare. I know his mom feels the same and anxious to get him moved.

I can't wait for tomorrow as my week with him begins. I hear he's got a cold right now so I hope I can get him feeling better. Always with the sickies, poor lil guy :(

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  1. Sounds like a great school!

  2. "Beginning Anew"? More like "Clinging to the Past". You look like a fool.

  3. Yeah, it is a great school. Hope we can get him in something like that.

    Who's clinging to the past? This happened today. Maybe try directing your anger in a more productive way...?

  4. Then stop writing about every interaction. Go see a therapist if you need to blow off steem!

  5. Yeah, what makes it better to vent to a therapist?

    Is it any different to write a book about your life, or should people just go see a therapist instead? I guess anyone who writes about their experiences are just living in the past...?

    Do you see how stupid that is?

    And it's "steam" a 5-letter word.

  6. Hey Jenny, I mean Anonymous, or Dawski the chef at Swiss Chalet....this is Shaun's blog about his life and interactions...

  7. is he a chef at swiss chalet? damn they make good chicken

  8. Ok, don't need to get into details or accusations.

    The anons are welcome to post whatever opinions they have, I always enjoy hearing other views on things.

  9. Now proven those negative comments originated from Jenny's computer. Judging from the spelling I can bet it was the bf.

    Enjoy the craziness! I'm happy to be getting away from it. Wonder if you'd even be around without paying bills. The girl knows how to get what she wants