Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Backgrounder to the rescue

I found exactly what I needed to combat the Apple imposed restrictions on 3rd party apps. The iPhone doesn't allow for 3rd party app to run in the background. Introduce Backgrounder into the equation and you get full control to have apps remain open after you return to the springboard. This should work perfectly for my current Internet radio app dilema, but also got me thinking about using it on other apps.

For instance, if I launch BeeJive (my current msn solution) then close it, I do remain logged in, but I don't get notified directly when msgs come in. Instead, it sends me an email, and since my mail app is set up to check for new msgs, it notifies me an msg came in. Not the greatest, but it's been working adequately.

I'm thinking if I use this Backgrounder app on it, that it will automatically notify me that there's new msgs. I'm expecting it to function similar to text messages where a little number will appear over the app's icon when there's something new. We shall see. Same with facebook and some other apps; then I wonder if it'll affect things like battery life or cause memory problems or something. Again, I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Need/want to run apps in the background? Check out Backgrounder available in Cydia, it's free too, so just need a jailbroken phone to run.

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