Wednesday, March 25, 2009


L is a baby. I haven't introduced any discipline with him, and instead, have always just re-directed his attention when things aren't going well.

Last night, we started his dinner, and didn't take long before he was done eating the meat. But he was still hungry, asking for more toast. I thought maybe he didn't like what was served, so I whipped up a different batch to make sure he was getting a proper meal. But when I gave him the alternate meat, he still refused and wanted more toast. I had the feeling he didn't want to try the 2nd batch because he thought it was just more of the same.

I tried to explain to him that if he eats just 1 little bite, I would "reward" him with more toast. This didn't go over well and he continued his refusal to try it. I took him out of his highchair and put him in a timeout (standing facing a wall). He cried up a storm and I tried to explain again that if he just tries the meat, we could go back to the rest of the meal.

A few minutes of crying later, we had a huge breakthrough. I asked again, 'do you want to try this 1 piece, if you do, I'll get you more bread' and you know what? He turned to me and said Yes. He put out his hand to get the meat, put it in his mouth and happily ate it! I was so proud! Gave him a big reward-hug, got him back in his chair, and he went on to clear his tray of food!!

Happy at the effective work, I thought I'd share this with his mom. She has told me before she has problems getting him to eat, and always asking for suggestions on how I do things so she can try the same techniques. So, I send her a text briefly explaining what happened, what I did, and the amazing result. What does she reply? " I didn't think we were forcing him to eat if he wasn't hungry?" okay, maybe I didn't explain it well enough, he WAS hungry, but was refusing to eat a portion of his meal. I re-explain that this wasn't a case of him saying he's done, but that he didn't want anything but toast.

I thought she'd appreciate the info, ask questions about my method, and possibly even thank me for the info. But any of that? Nope! Just straight up ignored after that. I really don't get what she wants. Calls in a panic when things aren't going well for her, but when I try and proactively help, I just get the rudeness. She says that co-parenting is important, but when I communicate, I get the feeling I'm a burden to her. Whatever, I'm confident as a father to L and will just continue to raise him how I see best.

I still can't believe just how well that worked out. From screaming refusal to happily finishing his meal, it was an amazing transition to see.

Kid development is an awesome thing to witness.

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