Saturday, March 7, 2009

DJ & Daddy'in

Yesterday I took over L for the start of our week. As I had said, he's been sick and his mom had to get a urine sample (messy job) to the lab. Negative results, so likely dealing with a virus. Not in the greatest mood when I got him, but better than Wednesday.

We played for a bit, then tried a bit of dinner. He still wasn't eating that much, so I was glad he got a good chunk of it down.

We got packed up for a visit/stay at my parents. I had a gig later that night, so they were going to keep watch over L. My mom got a bunch of animated movies and he was captivated. Again, he didn't really want his bottle and settled with water.

The gig went really well, but another failed test of iProRecorder. I didn't have high expectations as when I was getting it ready while the dj ahead played, it was red-lining the volume completely. But I tried it anyways, set it to record and put it away from the speaker as much as I could. Set finished, hit stop and have a 1 hr 19 min recording...perfect. Put my phone away and finish the night.

I check it this morning because I wanted to hear if it was even audible, and it won't load. Shows up in the list as the 1hr+ recording, but can't play it. I go to the details, and it shows the length as 4700 some seconds but 0 size :(

So looks like another crappy attempt. Hopefully I can't tweak the bugs out and get it working properly.

L was doing much better in the morning. Ate a big breakfast and lunch. He was amusing himself playing with my house plants. Kind of feeling and grabbing at them, and trying to pick them up. I distracted him by using his cup to water the plants, and he took over immediately. He went around to the different plants and shook his cup to water them all.

Now down for a little nap before we head out running errands. It's so nice outside today, finally a glimpse of spring! Otherwise, it'll be a pretty chill weekend as I get him back to 100% and ready for daycare, hopefully. It'll all depend on how he's feeling tomorrow, but I think he's close to kicking it... we'll see.

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