Friday, March 27, 2009

These are the worst days

Every 2nd Friday sucks. This is the day L goes back to his mom's for the week. It marks the beginning of the long wait to see him again. I hate how he sees his daycare more than either of us.

So Thursdays are always treated special, and last night went great. We played outside, and L is getting over his extreme shyness. It's weird, I find if I'm holding him and someone tries to say hi to him, he bashfully hides in my arms. But outside walking around, he's going up to almost everyone he sees with his adorable "hi!" and sideways wave. He happily brings them rocks or leafs and is so proud of himself.

He also loves dogs! A neighbor came out with one and L basically forced us to run after them so he could see the puppy. We finished up playing and went inside to get cleaned up for dinner.

Everything went smooth with dinner and he 'helped' with the dishes. He's obsessed with the dishwasher and now that he understands me, it's great to involve him. I pass him a dish or cutlery and ask him to put it in.

We did some reading and toys before heading up for the bath routine. Recently I started putting all the bath toys in a basket and ask L to choose which ones he wants that night. As the water's filling, he grabs a few and puts them in the tub. Typical little boy in the tub, as we were finishing up and the water draining, he started pulling at his man parts. Oh L, I get him distracted with a toy and get him out.

We said 'night night' to each other and he snuggled up for bed. Must have been pretty tired from all the running around as he was quickly down for the count.

Thursdays are great... well, every other one ;)

Now to just get over this sickness I've had for the last while and things would be great.

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