Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amazing weekend

Taking me a while to post, work's been keeping me busy.

This past weekend was awesome. On Friday, went out with a couple buddies to meet up with some girls over at this bowling place. Wii bowling skills don't exactly translate to real life, as I quickly learned with my first 2 balls going straight to the gutter. Adjusted to a lighter ball and kind of improved. I still did pretty bad, but managed to get a strike. One weird thing was I noticed my iPhone glow in the blacklights. I say it's weird because it was the back of the phone glowing. Usually blacklights make white-colored stuff glow, but this was the shiny black part glowing away.

Phone aside, my game never improved and I finished last. It was more fun than I expected and can see going back for another go. We finished up the pitchers and headed downtown for a few more drinks. It was pretty low key, and after, came back to my house.

We were all moving slow the next day. I was up first and killed some time by heading out and doing a little shopping for L. Others eventually got up and started discussing plans for the night.

Okay, so Saturday night was the better night, but I'll get to that next post. Gotta run.

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