Sunday, March 1, 2009


So I can no longer COMMENT about my son on her blog. Simple sharing of experiences no longer accepted. That is such petty BS. I cannot believe how pathetic that is.

I posted about how L's learning all these new words daily and sometimes hard to distinguish babble from his limited Spanish. What happened? Deleted. And now adding in comment approval. Fucking lame!

Whatever, live your bitter life in your bubble. Shield yourself from reality. It's really working so far isn't it??

Did you know "ex" is really good at web development? She's a bit modest about it, but always up to the challenge. Quite the photoshop expert too. Whether it be cropping pics, or documents, her skills with ps are vast.

She made this pretty much on her own:

Highlight was definitely, here is an expert


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  1. link & screen shots sent to my lawyer. continue the harassment. real smart.

  2. Yikes! sounds serious....

  3. SOUNDS EXPENSIVE! - Enterprise Rent A Car Commercial

  4. Except it's just another in the long line of lies.

    No legal action going on, and no basis for it.