Friday, March 20, 2009

Beejiving no more

I got a disconnect email letting me know I've been logged out of Beejive's IM app, so launched it up to re-connect. It opens up, but as it logs me in, I get a weird "PC load letter" error message. Okay, that's weird. Clicking the screen opened up YouTube to a clip from Office Space about stealing being bad (ending with the part where the group smashes their hated printer(fax machine?).

LOL. Looks like they've introduced some anti-piracy measures. A quick google searched revealed I wasn't alone, and more and more people were finding out they've been cut off.

Not a huge deal, many options available as a replacement, but I did like Beejive's functionality, it's just not worth the $16US pricetag. Maybe if I used multiple IM accounts (it supports many like aim, yahoo, etc so you can send a message to your contacts at any of these services), but I don't, and just want a simple app for using MSN.

Grabbed a new one called MobileChat, so we'll see how it goes as a replacement. Seems a lot more basic, but I don't need it to do much.

I'll be keeping an eye out for a patched version of beejive anyway though, and still hoping they release mini versions of it where you pay less, but only get 1 IM client (msn for me).

Still though, that's one of the best "friendly" anti-piracy methods I've seen.

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