Thursday, March 5, 2009

L sicky

Yesterday was my night with L during "ex"'s week, so met up after work for the trade off. Immediately I notice L's not looking too hot. I didn't get the normal big smiles when he sees me.

I get him home, take off his winter wear, and start to play. Well that was the idea, but seemed like L just wanted to cuddle. I got him a big cup of water and he downed it while hanging off my arms. I kept trying to engage him in activities, but he only wanted to stay on me. So we cuddled for about 20 mins as I noticed his grip on his sippy cup loosening. A matter of seconds later, the cup's dropped and L's passed out on me.

I brought him upstairs and changed him, and found him pretty warm. I took his temperature, not his favorite thing (good sign for the future, haha) and he's not shy about it, and found he had a mild fever. I also saw his wonky ear was really red. To the touch it was warm, but more oddly was that L flinched and pulled my hand away from his ear.

I dosed him with Motrin for his fever, cuddled him to sleep, then put him down for a nap. Worried about his ear, I googled the symptoms, and it seems he's got an ear infection, with the fever being brought on by that.

I called his mom to let her know what was going on, as it seems like a doctor's visit was required. A little "debate" ensued about how to get him in, but resolved. She was understandably concerned and thought I should call TeleHealth. I've called them before, but I find them kind of useless. They always seem to tell you what you already know. But where L is concerned, I have no hesitation to be over cautious. Told her I'd give an update after I finished that call.

Well, didn't get an RN, but only a receptionist. Asked for some brief details, and told me wait times were about 60-75mins! Then the best question, "did you want to stay on hold, or give your phone # to get a call back?". Haha, no way would I want to stay on hold for over an hour.

I call his mom back to let her know the delay, and tried reassuring her that things were being taken care of and I would be monitoring him for any changes. I texted her what I found online and the fact that a big instigating factor for ear infections is exposure to cigarette smoke. I know her neighbors smoke like chimneys as she's complained since day 1 about it. What to I get as a reply? A phone call wondering what the hell I'm implying by telling her that. I guess she misinterpreted my possible diagnosis of the cause as an attack on her current bf. You see, he's a smoker. Yup, one of "ex"'s most hated "qualities" about me, one she swore she'd never put up with, but again made the exception. I honestly doubt he would ever smoke near L, and meant nothing of the sort by telling her one of the things that couldve brought this sickness on. Reassured I'm not trying to attack her, or have any hidden intentions, and end the call.

Finally get the call back from TeleHealth, give him the details, and he asks about medication I've given. I explained the dose of Motrin, and he asked what concentration is..? I don't know, it's the standard Infant's Motrin and the bottle is in L's room. Knowing he needs this info, I try and slink into his room to grab the medication, find the concentration and relay the info. He asks L's weight, then based off that and the medication, tells me the dosage amount to give. Yeah, thanks, that info is on the bottle and yes, I can read. Steps repeated with Tylenol, again, only to give me dosage amounts found on the bottle.

During this, I hear L stir, so I poke my head around and see he's awake. Finish the call with the RN with the expected recommendation to keep giving fluids and that he see his Dr, but it wasn't an urgent, cheo-nightmare inducing problem. Good news, but that's what I figured after reading up online.

Call his mom to let her know the outcome and assure her I'll handle things that night. But he's up now, so I gave him the Tylenol dose. I brought him down and tried to engage him with mild activity. Gave him another glass of water while I prepared his bottle. When his bottle was ready, he wasn't interested. Much preferred his water, and wasn't keen on playing. So we cuddled up on the couch and I put one of his movies on.

There was a scene where the puppets were yawning, and looking over at L, see he's getting tired too. I try his bottle again, and now he wants it. So I bring him upstairs, change him to his pj's, and we finish his bottle. L goes right back to bed after.

Poor little guy :(

But the night went smooth, he hardly woke when I went in for his next dose of meds. He slept through the night, but had 0 interest in his bottle this morning. Also had 0 interest in letting me get ready for work :(. I call "ex" to see if I can go over now (earlier than expected) and have her drop me back at home so I can get ready for work. She agrees and I'm out the door with L. That was very helpful and prevented a guaranteed late morning arrival.

Made it into work, and all I can think about is how he's doing. I remember "ex" saying something about their household all not feeling well on this past weekend, so I'm hoping this is the tail end if things, and he improves for my takeover this weekend.

Oh yeah, that is the reason I took Wednesday this week for the trade off. I wanted as much time in between them being sick and my takeover. But other assumptions were made about my date choice, and I notice some good friends missing from fb. Do a little investigating, and find some pretty disturbing stuff.

Apparantly going around telling people I'm using their fb account info to track "ex"'s life details, and that they should delete me. I'm sorry, that's delusional. And that's the tip of the iceberg to the things she's telling people in closed doors. It really sucks too, not that they were best friends or anything, but some were really good friends that I enjoyed hanging out with. I completely concede that some were her friends first, but over the years, I thought we were closer than I guess is true. Disappointing!

I'll be very happy when all this bad mouthing stops, until then I can only vent my frustration with the situation.

What a night! Hope you're feeling better bud!!

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