Monday, March 2, 2009

Internet radio apps

I'm busing this week, and this morning I went to play some music for my trip but had no music sync'd on my phone. I remembered I used to have an app called Last.FM installed (wasn't a big fan though) and figured I'd find something like it on to fill the musical void.

I came across this one called Pocket Tunes, and though it did the job (found BBC Radio 1xtra and some decent hip hop), still didn't have all that much to choose from. It also didn't allow me to close it and launch something else without the music stopping, and that's just terrible. The ipod player lets you run it in the background, I'd expect the same from a radio app.

So my hunt continues. I've heard of one that allows you to connect to your PC's music library, which sounds promising, but I kind of like the random tunes I come across. I'll do some searching around to see what else is out there by the power of google.

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