Monday, March 16, 2009

Touring around

I had a pretty busy weekend, taking advantage of the week off from L. Big birthday weekend for a bunch of friends. Friday went out with one of the celebrators to some new burger joint he'd heard of.

I fully expected pub-style burgers n beers, but was pretty suprised by what this place was like. I forget this place's name, but completely different than what I expected. High ceilings, bright lights, minimal booths, this place did not seem like something we'd hit up in a bday context. Whole thing looked like a waiting area for take out orders rather than a sit down spot.

Looks aside, on to the menu. Buddy there laughing uncontrollably at the chance to "design" his burger. You take an order form (oddly made on puke bags), fill out what you want and submit. All options were there including the perplexing sides choice. You can get fries/pop added for $2, but if you want just fries, it was $2.50?? Substitute the fact we were all getting beers instead, we needed help to finalize our orders.

Now, that was a good burger! Can definately see poppin in there for some take out goodness.

Bounced from there to a pub where another buddy works. Polished off 3 pitchers amonst 3 of us rather quickly, then hit up the college radio station where some friends were playing. Couple drunken shouts in the mic later, and ready to call it a night.

Sat had a ton going on, but took me a while to get moving. Hit up a friend's store that was hosting an addidas anniversary event. Open bar was a big plus, but was also a nice little jam with some cool art on display. Headed over to the multi-bday party, and as usual, saw a bunch of old friends, but open bar calling our names, and car parked near there, so headed back over.

Then, off to another bar where the bday shenanigans continued. Met a few interesting people, and looking forward to running into them soon. Hopes not high, but who knows.

That all pretty much set the stage for another hangover day at home. So just chilled at home, bbq'd a nice big steak, and did a bunch of house cleaning.

Now back in the grind :/

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  1. Duder, now THAT'S an interesting story to read! Leaves me with a warm fuzzy instead of a shaking head. Keep up the cheery outlook!

  2. Glad you enjoyed, but life's full of shit that can't possibly leave one with warm fuzzies. There's good and bad everywhere. I'm not trying to create a feel-good blog of only the positives, but rather a realistic recount of life's experiences, be they good ones or bad.

    And sometimes I just need to vent