Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two steps back

Urg, without the long drawn out, drama filled story, things are not going well.

"ex" sent me an email with concerns about my disciplinary milestone. She raised concerns that it's overly harsh for a toddler, etc etc and wondering where I got this idea from. Guess she forgot about all the nanny shows she used to subject me to. These were proven, effective methods. She said she didn't feel she'd be able to let his tantrum run its course, and concerned we're not doing the same thing at our respective homes. Sorry, but the fact she's not willing to use an effective method isn't my problem/fault. I merely relayed something that worked in my house.

But blah blah blah it all deteriorated to legal threats and demands. Seriously, if she would just act civilly, these problems would be easily resolved between us. Instead, chooses to spend money on a lawyer and act like I'm the worst person in the world. Nice way to treat your son's father. Can't help but think of the better use of those funds for the benefit of our son.

I'm so looking forward to the day when things get better. It's so frustrating to deal with these issues on a daily basis.

On the lighter side of things, Hendricks gin is the shit! My buddy got a bottle as a NY gift and has been hooked since. I have to admit, that's some tasty gin. Quickly replacing my Jack as the preferred drink, just too bad bars around town don't stock. He brought a bottle over yesterday and it reminded me I've got to get some.

Lord knows I could use it ;)

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  1. seriously?!? first of all, time outs are an extremely useful disciplinary technique (when used appropriately, like you did) so there should be no question about you using them - especially seeing as it worked! and secondly, even parents parenting in the same house don't do things exactly the same way and kids figure out pretty fast how this works. given, you want to try to keep it fairly consistent, but come on! And i totally agree about better things to spend money on (paying off debt comes to mind...) someone really needs a reality check!


    If it works, do it.

  3. This is coming from the same ex who pulled a rockford dropping of L and stormed off giving you the FU. She needs to look into the mirror and consider how those kind of actions affect your child. Man, talk about two faced!