Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good hangovers

Not that they're actually good, but sometimes completely worth it. Had my share of vodka last night to blow off some pent up angst, and had a great time doing it.

Weather turned crazy yesterday going from a decent +7 to a disgusting -26 last night. Topping it off was the rain, turn hail, turn ice completely screwing with driving. So we changed our plans and stayed close. Couple buds cabbed over, had some drinks, played some tunes and headed over to the neighbor bar.

I find it hilarious sometimes when you show up to a bar near the end of the night and get to see all the completely drunk people making fools of themselves. This time, so outnumbered, we decided to give in and join the ruckus. Much of the ensuing madness can be kept quiet, but highlight definitely being the asian chick dancing her ass off and bailing into the speakers, taking a few peoples' drinks along for the ride. Well that wasn't the best thing of the night, but I'll leave that out.

Now to try and sleep it off and get ready to do it all over again tonight, this time with a better backdrop. Shenanigan city. Thinkin it'll be a Jack night though, blah to cheap vodka.

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