Thursday, February 26, 2009

For the love of...


Why do I love this phone? I figure I'd list out why I like it so much.

#1 reason is jailbreaking. Seriously, would not like the phone without this available. Allows for much more user control of your phone. Other big perk is it allows installation of your own ipa filed (.exe's for the phone).
That brings me to Installous. A great app from This gives you the app store functionality on the road, removing the stupid max 10mb downloads over 3g, and also removes the burden of paying for the apps you download. This allows for testing out some apps I never would have paid for.
Apps I like:
- facebook, obvious reasons, though still missing features, but combined with facebook mobile & the iPhone specific site, I can do whatever I need.
- twittelator, simple and powerful twitter app. Only thing missing is you can't play around with your account settings, you have to use twitter's site for that.
- crystal defenders, a run of the mill tower defence game done by Square Enix. So, Final Fantasy themed tower defence game, perfect.
- jaadu vnc. Omg! This gives me full control of my pc at home. I connect to my pc, and now the iPhone shows me my desktop. I can control the mouse by touch (this is a bit weird as you're used to clicking the iphone's screen, but have to remember tapping the screen for a click will click wherever the mouse pointer is, not where you tap. So you need to move the mouse pointer over what you want, then click or double click to activate.) this is great as I can launch torrent files that get uploaded during the day, and they're done when I get home. Allows me to access flash sites via the phone because it's being launched on the pc at home, not on the phone itself. Many other cool uses too
- iProRecorder!!!!! This is exactly what I needed. It allows recording over the mic, and record as much as you have free space on the phone! What seriously impressed me was it's recording quality, and ability to record my mixes. So now, dj'ing, I simply turn airplane mode on (so a call/text won't interrupt recording) launch the app, and place my phone near a speaker. Best thing is that while it's pretty good at canceling out unwanted noise, it still picks up some. So dj at home, great recording, dj at a club, and it records music great, but also picks up crowd cheers/whistles/etc. Awesome! I'm just slightly worried I'll set it up to record another dj, and forget my phone.
- various card games, euchre, hearts, poker, everything. Nice little time wasters
- built in gps n map tool. Self explanatory.
- blogpress, what I'm using to post on here. Though, missing some features I want, so going to check out some alternatives.
- BeeJive IM, best msn solution I've found. Keeps me logged in when app is closed, and pushes out an email to alert new msgs. As my email auto checks for new msgs every 15mins, I'm not that far behind replying. Would prefer a complete self sufficient push app (ie, no email involved) but Apple's restrictions are in the way (for now, I hear a future iPhone update will add this feature)
- shazam. Perfect for me. Growing up, used to listen to the radio all the time and remember how my mom would ask "who sings this song" and I generally knew. Now, I'm so out of the loop with mainstream music, this app is perfect. You want to know the name of a song playing? Launch the app, let it listen for a few secs, and it'll come back with full artist/track info. Though when playing around with it, it wasn't able to tag songs some friends and I tried singing/humming, but when it was a song on the radio I wanted info on, shazam worked like a charm.

My biggest complaint? Funny enough, I find the phone feature a bit retarded. I think there should've been a quicklaunch button for the phone. It's not a big deal, just kind of silly when someone asks to borrow my phone and so I need to unlock it, launch the phone app, and choose the keypad option before I can hand them my phone. Just cumbersome I find. Totally understand why in the satc movie, she gets frustrated when she needs a phone and is handed an iPhone. If you give your phone to a non-iphone, be nice and get it to the keypad screen before handing it over.

So take that blackberry users. Can your bb do all that? Nuh-uh

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