Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello World

Isn't that what you title the first post?

Well, welcome to my babbling blog. I'll ramble on about whatever's going on. Lots to talk about, but likely to go off on all sorts of tangents, so bear with me.

Background info:

Im 29
I work for the Government buying equipment for the military.
I was married, but she left in Aug 08, a week before our son's birthday
So yeah, I have a son, L, born in Aug 07.
L is the best thing ever!
"Ex" is dating guy number 3 or 4 since our split. Good thing though, is this one seems to make her happy. I'm not pleased he's around my son all the time, but as it seems to be going well, that concern is lessening all the time. I had just always thought you keep your dating and patenting lives seperate until things progress, but those concerns fell on deaf ears.
I put ex in quotes because we are still married. We got our seperation agreement in place, so making progression towards removing quotes.
Pre-L, I dj'd around town. I play mainly drum n bass, though expanding catalogue and styles as I'll be incorporating Serato soon (pending laptop n serato purchases). I've been fortunate enough to be able to put time into it again. Music is a big passion in my life, and dj'ing is a fun way to express my musical taste on others.
I used to host events and ran a couple companies, Phuturstep & Beat Cartel, with a couple friends. We brought some of the biggest names in dnb to Ottawa, and been thinking more and more of starting that up again.
I love all things technology, and have a hard time not spending money. ie, in my place, I have:
- 50" Sony LCD tv
- Harmon Kardon A/V receiver with Polk Audio & Infinity surround sound (with a 12" sub)
- xbox 360, wii, modded xbox, ps2, gamecube, DS, & a PSP
- computer connected to it all to watch downloaded shows/movies (I dont have cable). With Logitech's Dinovo Edge keyboard & MX Revolution mouse
-all controlled by the Harmony 880 remote
- and the piece of equip used the most, my jailbroken iPhone. Seriously the best thing around. Installous app is the raison d'ĂȘtre.

So yeah, that's all in addition to my dj set up of 2 x Tech 1200 M3Ds, Vestax mixer and it's own sound system.

Yeah, I have a technology fetish.

That's it for now. Nuff babbling.

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