Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Threats I like

So have already offended the "ex" without a single bad thing said.

I've been threatened that as I continue (I only have 2 blog posts) to talk about her, she'll be promptly "de-censoring" her blog and will be posting all about the drama llama details of our seperation n relationship.

Well, sounds good. As my request to have the blog about our son remain about our son was thrown aside (you could now call it a blog about her life n bf more than our son). If she wants to air personal dirt, by all means, but expect prompt clarification over here as she has a proven knack for changing events, exagerating stories and even blatant lies. Oh, and my family already knows the ins and outs, so not like I have a problem with it. If anything, that's the 2nd thing (1st being L) I really appreciate about our relationship. It really helped bring me closer to my family regardless of whether she stayed a part of it or not.

I was content to keep this about my life and past experiences rather than a tirade of defending and offering up the other side of the story (there's always at least 2).

Not sure how I even offended said "ex" with my post, but expect things to go sour should she continue.

It's really unfortunate she can't just let me do my thing while she does hers. Seems like she won't be content until she first drives me crazy. And seeing as that won't happen, I'm stuck with endless attempts to make my life difficult leading us both stuck in this retarded cycle.

Yay, it's so much fun!

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