Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How lame & petty

So really don't want to post unneccessarily wrt "ex", but this is just some of the ridiculousness I deal with on a daily basis. She has a blog loosely about our son. Started before he was born and continues, though as previously said it's getting more and more about her and her new bf rather than the "tales from our crib" it began as.

A while back, I noticed I no longer appeared on the blog follower list. Odd, I don't remember removing it. So I try and add it again, and tells me I'm already a follower...? Okay, so I ask her about it, and she made me hidden?! On the blog largely based on my son!! Okay, big deal, still see updates, don't need to be a visible follower, so chalked it up to "it's her choice" and remained invisible.

Up til recently (today) when I notice it gone from my list! I try adding it and get a message that I've been blocked from following?!? Not visible, not hidden, completely blocked! WTF??!! What possible reasoning?? Doesn't prevent reading it, nor posting comments. It literally serves no purpose.

Again, tried to find out from her why she did it, but just ignored.

How petty?

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