Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vocab expanded to Spanish

So L's picking up more and more words, and it's so awesome to see. He can kind of count numbers, say ABCs, and a few choice words such as: up, bottle, mum, light, wow, uh oh (a personal fav), no (the worst word he's picked up), etc. But now, he's also learning Spanish thanks to his daycare lady. He can say agua (water), papa (though don't like this for daddy as grandparent called poppop, and it's too close). But even more amazing than the words, he seems to understand when she speaks to him in Spanish. It's really cool, and will be super useful as I'm sure we'll have many trips to Mexico together in our future.

My week with him is coming to an end, and it's always the worst time. I miss him when he's not around, bigtime. But we've had a great week filled with laughs and games. Organizing a few playdates with some other parent friends for coming weeks as he always has a great time with other kids. Oh yeah, there's a new boy at his daycare and they're already buds. Picking him up last night, the boy didn't want L to leave. It was pretty sweet.

Once bedtime comes, daddy gets some time for himself. Didn't have any new shows to watch, so I booted up the 360 to check out this arcade game I grabbed, Braid. It's a pretty cool "super mario" type game, with the biggest difference being you can't die. Yup, it's impossible. Your guy controls time, so if you don't make that jump, or run into an enemy, you reverse time and get as many chances as you need. So then what's the point? Well it's more of a puzzle game (literally) than anything. You go through the worlds collecting puzzle pieces to bring home to create art on your walls at home. And some of them are really hard to get, sometimes you even think impossible. But, of course, there's always a solution. In the different worlds you also have some added abilities (in addition to reversing time). You need to figure out how to use your combined "world specific" power with your time reversing skills to collect the pieces. So yeah, this game really impressed me, as it was a complete figure-it-out-logically game with a fresh idea.

Frustrated with 2 pieces, I took a break and loaded up Jim Carey's Yes Man. Didn't get to watch the whole thing before bed, but already liked it. Rings close to home as I'm trying to change myself just like his character. So I'm anxious to watch the rest and incorporate some of the philosophy into my life, and see how it turns out for him.

Aight, nuff babbling for now

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  1. This is incredible news, as Julia's Spanish develops she & Liam can have whole convos behind our backs/ in front of our faces!! :-D