Thursday, August 6, 2009

My kid is awesome

So I got L for the night yesterday after almost a whole week away. OMG, missed him!! Picking him up at daycare, he must've felt the same as he came running up the stairs yelling "daddy daddy daddy" and jumped into my arms.

We headed out to our park and he played on everything, seriously. This park has 3 sets of swings, 2 play structures, a wadding pool and a ton of toys for kids to play with. We went around and played with/on every single thing.

On the way home, I started him doing his cute animal sounds. I'm trying to teach him a few new ones like turkeys say "gobble gobble" and his version is hilarious. I also practiced his number counting and he's almost got 1-10 down! His words combined with his cute lil voice is seriously awesome. I'm going to try and get it all on video this weekend.

Our night routine went smooth and both of us got a good night's sleep. Back to daycare and his mom's tonight, but then back for my week starting tomorrow.

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